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  1. MH.Yang

    What year's equivalent of China is India now?

    Contrary to what you might imagine, the "one-child policy" is more strictly enforced among urban residents, employees of state-owned enterprises and government officials. However, it has not been well implemented in poor rural areas. If you Google Xi Jinping and other senior CCP officials, you...
  2. MH.Yang

    What year's equivalent of China is India now?

    In 2007, China's GDP was 3.55 trillion US dollars. It is similar to India's GDP(2.9 trillion) in 2021. However, this does not mean that 2021India has reached the level of 2007China. Because the value of $3 trillion in 2007 is significantly higher than that of $3 trillion in 2021. I suggest...
  3. MH.Yang

    U.S. designates Pakistan and China as countries of particular concern for religious freedom violation

    Japan is xenophobic, but not racist. USA, Australia, India, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, these countries have serious racial discrimination.
  4. MH.Yang

    Color revolution in China only lasted one night. Must be a big hit for China’s haters

    Look at these protesters. They are all young people, and no old people participate in the protests. These young people were vaccinated, and COVID19 was almost no threat to them. However, many elderly people with underlying diseases cannot be vaccinated, and COVID19 will take their lives...
  5. MH.Yang

    DDG(X) Destroyer Could Cost Up to $3.4B a Hull, SSN(X) Attack Boat Up to $7.2B, Says CBO Report

    Type 055 is not the second strongest destroyer, it is the strongest. We all know that Zumwalt is abandoned garbage. 1st, China Type 055, 2nd, Korea Sejong class, 3rd, USA Burke 3, 4th, China 052D, 5th, Japan Atago class, 6th, Japan Kongo class, 7th, Japan Aikizuki class, 8th, China Type 052C...
  6. MH.Yang


    Do you think the support rate of a ruling party that has increased the national income 14 times in 20 years will be low? I think Indians have low IQ and lack the most basic common sense. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1116013/china-trust-in-government-2020/
  7. MH.Yang


    China has 100M CCP members, 90M CYCL members and 140M young pioneers. The total number of all levels CCP exceeds 330M. Almost every family has Communists at all levels. According to the provisions of the CCP, a Party branch must be established when there are more than 3 Party members, and a...
  8. MH.Yang


    In China, even gathering tens of people is difficult. But this time, hundreds of people participated in the protest. Who gathered and organized these hundreds of people? The MSS should investigate and maybe catch a big fish.
  9. MH.Yang

    SAC - FC-31 Grey Falcon Stealth aircraft for PAF : Updates & Debate

    Disagree. There are more than 200 countries in the world, only P5, Sweden, Japan, Germany and Italy, whose fighter aircraft manufacturing is significantly stronger than that of Pakistan. India, Brazil, South Korea, Spain, Israel, Canada, Australia, Türkiye and other countries are at a similar...
  10. MH.Yang

    Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen resigns as head of ruling Democratic Progressive Party following local election losses

    In fact, I would rather see the DPP continue to govern. Let the Democratic Progressive Party help us completely eliminate the KMT. The KMT and the DPP are essentially the same. Sooner or later, we need to eliminate them. In the future, we can use an order to forcibly eliminate the DDP, but...
  11. MH.Yang

    Protests erupt in Xinjiang and Beijing after deadly fire

    A person's life for a country may be only 0.0000000000000001%, but for his family, it is 100%. A grain of dust of the times falls on a person's head, and it is a mountain. Human life is above everything, and it cannot be measured by money. I don't mind other countries choosing other paths...
  12. MH.Yang

    Islamabad youth increasingly testing positive for HIV

    HIV comes from chimpanzees in Africa. Maybe a similar virus will come from Ganges lizards in the future.
  13. MH.Yang

    Hypothetical - Ancient Rome vs Han China

    OK. So let's talk about Roman cavalry during the Roman Empire (27 B.C. to 476 A.D.). During this period, the legion cavalry of the Roman Empire had completely disappeared. The number of equals singulares Augusti is only 2000. It was not until the Roman Empire was attacked by the Huns in the...
  14. MH.Yang

    Hypothetical - Ancient Rome vs Han China

    Before Camillus came to power, the soldiers of the Roman Empire even needed to prepare their own weapons and armor. The rich citizens of the Roman Empire provided their own horses to serve as cavalry. Those who could buy armor would serve as heavy infantry. The poorest citizens could only...
  15. MH.Yang

    Beautiful Chinese Classical Dance

    This dance is to represent a national treasure "富春山居图" in China. "富春山居图" is a famous painting created thousands of years ago. Now half of the painting is in the Chinese Museum and the other half is in Taiwan. So the painting and the dance are of special significance to the Chinese people.
  16. MH.Yang

    Beautiful Chinese Classical Dance

    只此青绿(Only cyan and green)
  17. MH.Yang

    Beautiful Chinese Classical Dance

    This song is<采薇>, which was created in the 11th century BC. This poem, with the tone of returning home and garrisoning soldiers, sings the hard life and homesickness of soldiers and soldiers. original text: 采薇采薇,薇亦作止。曰归曰归,岁亦莫止。 靡室靡家,猃狁之故。不遑启居,猃狁之故。 采薇采薇,薇亦柔止。曰归曰归,心亦忧止。 忧心烈烈,载饥载渴。我戍未定,靡使归聘。...
  18. MH.Yang

    Việt Nam gives top priority to developing ties with China: PM

    North Koreans are also members of the Confucian cultural system, and little fat people are conducting military dictatorships. The Chinese just don't want to see Vietnam become another feudal kingdom disguised as a communist country. We are not interested in your internal affairs.

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