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  1. hunter_hunted

    Key nations shun Malaysia summit

    KUALA LUMPUR — A meeting of Muslim nations to be held in Malaysia failed to attract key Middle Eastern powers amid differences over regional issues, diplomats said. No agenda has been released for the meeting to be held in Kuala Lumpur, which has been shunned by more than half the invited...
  2. hunter_hunted

    Domestic worker abused in Saudi Arabia releases 'call-for-help' video

    Activists form a human chain in Dhaka to protest and raise awareness for Bangladeshi female migrant workers who can face various forms of abuse, including physical, psychological and even sexual abuse by employers in Saudi Arabia (AFP Photo/MUNIR UZ ZAMAN Source: Yahoo A video of a Bangladeshi...
  3. hunter_hunted

    Gardeners Corner

    I noticed there are no Threads open at this moment so thought top open one where everyone can share their Plants (indoors and outdoors) . So starting with me here are handful of my plants . Aloe vera (Im keeping one big aloe outside under shade) Aloe Inside home Dusty Miller (Almost gone)...
  4. hunter_hunted

    Nuclear War - I hope it never comes to this

    As @MastanKhan once said lucky ones will be those who are wiped out in first wave
  5. hunter_hunted

    Pakistan WON Pakistan WON

    Pakistan won against in Semi Final against NZL in 1999
  6. hunter_hunted

    Getting closer and closer to Pluto

    On July 2015 we will reach Pluto and we will have some clear pictures of Pluto. I pray that this mission goes well without any mishap it takes a lifetime to reach such places.
  7. hunter_hunted

    The Fermi Paradox

    The Fermi Paradox Everyone feels something when they’re in a really good starry place on a really good starry night and they look up and see this: Some people stick with the traditional, feeling struck by the epic beauty or blown away by the insane scale of the universe. Personally, I go...
  8. hunter_hunted

    Next Time please give space to Ambulance

    It really shocked me for what I saw. Here in KSA you will not see such things people will MAKE space for Ambulance. And what is the condition of Pakistan. There should be a same kind of experiment in Pakistan to see the true color of Pakistanis.
  9. hunter_hunted

    Animal Planet

    I begin with Lyre Bird
  10. hunter_hunted

    Indian Teen With "Tail" Worshipped As God

    WTF is this, Seriously. Any doctor here tell us what the hell is this ?????
  11. hunter_hunted

    I Was Promised Flying Cars

    AS an astronomy-obsessed kid in the 1970s, I subsisted on a steady diet of science fiction. It promised a future filled with technological wonders: talking computers, bionic limbs, flying cars. Forty years later, though much of that future has arrived, it’s still missing what I consider its most...
  12. hunter_hunted

    London's Walkie-Scorchie and fryscraper

    A skyscraper in London that is still under construction has been reported to reflect sunbeams strong enough to fry an egg or melt a car. The intense glare from 20 Fenchurch Street, also known as the Walkie-Talkie, melted parts of many cars parked near the half-completed tower. One of the cars...
  13. hunter_hunted

    How to make Chinese dumplings

    We used to eat Awesome Chinese dumplings during era university which ended two years ago. And time has parted us(Me and dumplings) . And I miss those juicy Dumplings. Me and my friends used to go to Chinese Hostel every Wednesday in noon just to eat Dumplings. So my Special Request to...
  14. hunter_hunted

    Marvi Sirmad gone wild

    The Highly abusive Marvi Sirmid on Social Media | Pakistan TV.TV Indians hurry up and come to rescue Marvi Sirmad :cheesy: Visited her Tweeter page there is a war going on https://twitter.com/marvisirmed
  15. hunter_hunted

    Documentary Hub

    I have not yet seen any Documentary Thread running on PDF. So I thought I will start it. So why not I start it, with the Documentary of Building of a Great Empire, Doesn't matter if that empire is few meters wide. Mods please make it a sticky thread. And i will urge all PFD-ians to post your...
  16. hunter_hunted

    One of the Greatest Speech - Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator

    Dont ask I have no words to say. Just a wish that my country becomes safe internally and externally and also becomes a prosperous country. Pakistan is not just a country its an idea where people can leave in peace and do progress and Pakistan was created for the beacon of civilization and was a...
  17. hunter_hunted

    How to upgrade Redhat Linux 5.5 to 5.6

    Hello Penguins I need urgent help. I have to upgrade Redhat Linux 5.5 to 5.6. What is the process to do this??? This is the Minor release and there is not much help for minor releases. If any one of you Penguins have upgraded from 5.5 to 5.6 or other please speak up. How to do this.
  18. hunter_hunted

    Superman wont be wearing brief in upcoming MAN OF STEEL movie

    It's strange how a world obsessed with comic book movies can no longer accept a man in tights... or at least red briefs. What Warner Bros. (and millions of fans) hope will be a Superman for the 21st century (following the lukewarm reception of Bryan Singer's well-intentioned but perhaps...
  19. hunter_hunted

    Apple on lawsuit spree again-

    You didn't think Apple is done with the lawsuits after its victory against Samsung last week, were you? The Cupertino company has filed another patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung, adding an additional 22 devices to the list of alleged offenders. The new list of smartphones and slates...

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