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  1. Pakistansdefender

    Apricot farming

    It makes me so sad. The amount of food we waste. Now these duffers have mobile phones, watch mujras all day but don't Google farming techniques. Or send their son to study. They don't pay any taxes. But keep running things the same way as they were in mohenjodaro. This is not the field where...
  2. Pakistansdefender

    The next big thing

    I am really quite excited.
  3. Pakistansdefender

    Rising and shining india

  4. Pakistansdefender

    Pulwama was attempt to start an indo pakistan war and india despite intelligence didn't stop Mumbai attacks or Pulwama

    Starkling revelations One thing we have to agree is that pakistan has been left far far behind in propaganda warfare. The Indian ability to penetrate our society, gathering knowledge, planting ideologies and creating anti state elements is far more superior then pakistan can ever have. As the...
  5. Pakistansdefender

    A throught....

    I don't like to post ads ans random videos but really love this ad. This should be encouraged more and more. People should be educated. A normal pakistani don't meet a minority in their daily life. Hence misconceptions about each other. There should be more interactions and people should...
  6. Pakistansdefender

    Pakistan’s FATF panel ranking gets better

    Alhamdolilah, another good news; APG released its latest report on assessment of Pak's AML/CFT Legal Framework. Out of FATF's 40 requirements, our earlier assessment of 31/40 upgraded to 35/40. Pakistan has now joined a select group of countries with high level of compliance...
  7. Pakistansdefender

    Organise attempt to increase muslim population in 1930s in punjab, sindh, assam, bengal to create pakistan: rss cheif

    According to him we are still looking to win over assam, West bengal and Indian punjab, along with iioj&k. And also looking for a corridor between the two nations. He must have learned of the plans while using pegasus and having hacked Imran khan's phone. Now we are exposed. What should we do..
  8. Pakistansdefender

    Indian diplomat says India likely to become Israel of South Asia

    Listen from 7 onwards, 7.28 to be exact This person explain the reality so well, which entire indian state is unable to understand.
  9. Pakistansdefender

    A rational discussion on Afghanistan

    Rather than having so silly defence analyst. These types of educated people should be interviewed more. They certainly can give much needed pakistani narrative. Government job is to give the policy. The policy is made successful by the people. That's what India has done. Hired educated...

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