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  1. Pakistansdefender

    Is Modi an harbinger of bad luck?

    Probably for Pakistan
  2. Pakistansdefender

    Malala: a replacement for Bilawal and Maryam

    Let her be. She may be good but any leader or politician who have no roots in public cannot succeed. Let it be known. That is why imran khan always succeed and bilawal and maryam fails. They can be proped up by army and america. They may have the support of the media too. But still to manage...
  3. Pakistansdefender

    Russia ready to supply petrol to Pakistan on deferred payments: report

    Russia is offering but is the showbaz taking. I didnt read that anywhere. The article mentioned russia offering oil and gas and how they can provide it. But no mention of Pakistan wanted to take?can you read?
  4. Pakistansdefender

    Is Modi an harbinger of bad luck?

    He is weakening the Liberal and secular india, just the same what ziaulhaq does. Not india itself. We here in this forum often says things to ridicule each other. We too have a very baised view in which we are always the winning party, while in real world we have lost big time on every front. So...
  5. Pakistansdefender

    Fatimah jinnah address in peshawar 1962

    Ma pe ilzam bhi kaya lagaya. Ghadari ka. Bharat ke sath mil ke saish kerna ka. Karma is there. Bangladeshi kala bhoola nanga hai they said. Wahan rooz rooz flood ata hai wo burden hai hum pe they said. Aj wajan hafta main 6 din barish hoti hai flood nhn ata. Aj wahan cyclone ata hai lakin...
  6. Pakistansdefender

    Is Modi an harbinger of bad luck?

    Probabaly for Pakistan.... And yet Pakistanis laugh.
  7. Pakistansdefender

    Will establishment ever trust Imran Khan again?

    Didnt they believe nawaz sherif after backstabbing 100 of times. It is sad the question is this.... And jhamoriyat ke alambardar hi is ko support kerain ga. The biggest question is that for 75 years they are in power. How long they remain. Jan chor dain ab. Pakistan kafi tabah nhn ho gaya...
  8. Pakistansdefender

    Role of Armed Forces in the Socioeconomic Development of Balochistan

    None of its being done. Learn from india. They used to have far more dangerous seperation movement. Look at kashmir infront of your eyes they have done it. Seperated a moderate ladakh. It would get a statehood. Soon jammu would be removed and get a statehood and become normal states. Tiny...
  9. Pakistansdefender

    Pakistan Foriegn Reserves Decreasing Fast

    Dekhain jee nayi hakoomat ayi hai to market pe positive effevt hua hai
  10. Pakistansdefender

    Taliban abducts WION correspondent in Qabul

    What is the definition of being a man? Or should i say back stop being a man child. Real man do have emotions. India and Pakistan are very emotional nations. Indian leaders corrupt to the core, muslim hating, genocidal but still they make decisions with will of people and dont go against the...
  11. Pakistansdefender

    Taliban abducts WION correspondent in Qabul

    How old are you. 16.... I was just like you when i was 16 . One can see my past post. My father always says that maybe we would see a developed Pakistan in our times. Now he says that there is no chance. I am worried i might not even see that in my lifetime being 32 and all.. Stop being...
  12. Pakistansdefender

    Taliban abducts WION correspondent in Qabul

    There is a famous dialog from game of thrones ' anyone who say is king is no true king', similarly anone who boast about their dicks must have serious doubts about them. Plus i dont know how come educated people edvocate cousins marriage. 1 time is enough. But here in Pakistan 4 to 5...
  13. Pakistansdefender

    Govt plans mini-budget to meet IMF conditions

    I have lost count how many mini budgets came. Ab to mehangai bhi halal hai. Yaqeen kero main ne 4 mahina se french fries nhn khaya. Gher wala kehta hai oil zayda ho ga.
  14. Pakistansdefender

    State Bank reserves at 7.8BN$, lowest in years

    Thank you general bajwa Thank you nadeem anjum Thank you umm e hareem Thank you shahbaz and zardari and miftah and stuff
  15. Pakistansdefender

    A heartbreaking murdering: 17 year old Nicoletta, murdered by her 22-year-old Pakistani refugee boyfriend

    Just usual Pakistani things. We dont accept and are not ready to correct. There is something wrong the way our mothers and fathers are bringing us up. They are not teaching ethics and moral values. All who go abroad saw modern women and went beserk and mad. Weather taking pictures of hijab...
  16. Pakistansdefender

    Taliban abducts WION correspondent in Qabul

    I am a Pakistani. I am not gadar. They may have smaller penis but they surely have complete country gievn to them im 1947. We may have bigger penis (which scientifically we don't and we are rapidly decreasing in heigh and body too due to inbreeding and cousins marriage ) we have lost half of...
  17. Pakistansdefender

    Taliban abducts WION correspondent in Qabul

    He is a Pakistani. You must know that dude. Doing his job because you vant provide one. You dear little icky talibs are also hiding ttp in plain sights. Ashraf ghani to bus kuch anti state logo ko support ker diata tha na. Yeah to aps ke bacha marna waloo ko openly khulam khuala paal raha hai...
  18. Pakistansdefender

    Role of Armed Forces in the Socioeconomic Development of Balochistan

    Japenese have an art of kintsugi: breaking potery and remaking it. May be our armed forces are following that art. First destroying it and later reconstruting it. Whatever you do is bound to fail. Balochistan has cancer and you are applying polyfax. I am sure for now that army wants to keep this...
  19. Pakistansdefender

    IMF and Mix-achar Government talks fail

    Lande ke danishwar mat bano. Na hi neutral hone ki koshish kero.. Ab yeah baat amenesty schemes ki purani ho gai hai. Jinhoon ne aik namaz nhn parhta wo 2, 3 parhne waloon ko kehta hai ke 5 kyinnhn parhta. Yeah 3rd world country hai. Yahan kuch acha na hona do kyun ke dosri cheezain achi nhn.

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