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    Pakistan's Special Operations Forces: SSG | SSGN | SSW | SOW | SOG

    Air force security, QRF and they also have limited ground force capabilities, also can come in handy when constructing and managing improvised airstrips (highways, strips of dirt etc.). With navy personnel will still need camo that can break their shape up at ground installations and at sea
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    Pak Army wants to accept Israel - and fix resistive Imran Khan

    F16I Sufa omg F16I Sufa omg F16I sufa
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    US police have already killed over 700 people in 2022, on track to break record

    Sounds more like a people issue than a gun issue tbh. Nobody should have their guns taken away because some troglodytes doesnt store loaded firearms in a proper manner away from people who cant operate it
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    Pakistan 92% more likely to default on its debt - CDS rate as of 21 Nov, 2022

    Idk man, go outside and see how many people are willing to respect even the most basic traffic rules. Its a circle
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    IDEAS-2022 - Updates & Discussions

    What? It seems to be a pretty effective tool though. Discrete, portable, easy (but potentially dangerous to set up), cheap too. Theres footage of tanks being destroyed with this cheap stuff. If anything it shows how creative war can get
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    Multi Caliber Assault Rifle Maverick Cavalier Group Pakistan

    I dont see how, multi caliber rifles allow a greater interchangeability of parts. The average infantry man wont be changing caliber lol.
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    Pakistan should buy this Tank

    Our economy will default if we buy one lmao
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    Pakistan's Special Operations Forces: SSG | SSGN | SSW | SOW | SOG

    I got suspended too for pissing off some indians, annoying lot they are
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    Post your type of girl

    Truly this is the topic which must be discussed on a defence forum 😤
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    World at 8 Billion: Pakistan is Fourth Largest Contributor to Last Billion

    We srsly need to start making newer and smaller cities instead of making one huge one like Karachi. Ones that have public transport and car free areas too. Reduces the feeling of overpopulation and pollution. Family planning and contraception awareness campaigns need to take place too
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    Pakistan Army | News and Discussions

    Yep they definitely are top notch
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    IDEAS-2022 - Updates & Discussions

    Great to see POF take lessons from the war in ukraine
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    Pakistan Army | News and Discussions

    The boots seem to be pretty good tbh, have touched them and they look and feel really durable and perfectly fine for infantry use. Plate carriers and chest rigs i definitely agree on
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    Pakistan's Special Operations Forces: SSG | SSGN | SSW | SOW | SOG

    Damn man, your posts were top notch. I think you deleted your account?
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    Pakistan's Special Operations Forces: SSG | SSGN | SSW | SOW | SOG

    Were/are you notgarandthumb? Joint SSG/SSW or SSW only maybe judging from fn f2000s... Maybe there as TACP
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    Pakistan Army | News and Discussions

    Eh, our army is way too large to give everyone a high cut helmet and honestly i dont see much of a point. Im not sure whether the current GIDS helmet is based off LWH or PASGT (i swear to God i hope it isnt PASGT). As for combat vests and all of that stuff then yeah. Should have in built elbow...
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    Pakistan Army | News and Discussions

    Everything i see except the helmet looks to be Azeri
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    Joyland: Taboo-tackling Pakistani film makes history at Cannes

    Didnt this get banned by Ministry of Religous Affairs? Personally i think we have much more pressing issues than LGBT and i dont really agree with some groups found in LGBTQIA+ but media should be free and people should have the right for formulation of their own opinion
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    Pakistan's Service Rifle (G-3, Type-56) Replacement Competition 2016.

    Nice to see it in other calibers too. Expected it since its based off AR and is in .308 so it being configured in other calibers makes sense too Wese at least Type 56-2 has the aesthetic and looks....

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