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    US police have already killed over 700 people in 2022, on track to break record

    The intentional homicide rate of the US is 6.5 deaths (wiki source) per 100,000 individuals per year (compared to just 0.2 in Japan, 0.5 in China and 1.5 in Vietnam). With the US population around 300 millions, the number of homicide deaths would be much higher than 109. As i understand...
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    Iran player refuse to sing national anthem

    The worst communist countries like Laos is still thousand times better than "democracies" like The Phillipines, India or even Mexico and Brazil in some aspects (comparing countries with similar level of development, not GDP per capita only). (Orderly society, crime rate, equality, etc.) China...
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    Scotland Is Still Divided on Independence: 49% VS 51%

    When I was in Uk, i could observe clearly the attitude "they and us" of Englishmen toward Scottish people. Most people and media refer to their country as England and themselves as Englishmen, not UK, Britain and British, which was surprised to me. And Scottish English was very hard to...
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    US, Taiwan, Japan gallop ahead in advanced semiconductors while China remains stuck at mature-node chips

    If the title is changed to "Taiwan, Japan and the US (with the help of Taiwan and japan) gallop ahead in..." then it would be a much more credible piece of journalism rather than just another propaganda work like this. Everyone knows that the US desperately need the expertise from Taiwan as...
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    All aboard! Southeast Asia's first high-speed railway

    It is clearly a feat for Laos, but it is not a high-speed railway. Far from it. And currently, the top speed of Malaysia railway (the electrified, double tracked trunk line, metre gauge from border with Thailand to Gemas and by 2024, to Singapore) is 160 km per hour. Same to Thailand metre...
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    Vietnam arming up to serve in US chip war on China

    This is the first time I've ever heard that Vietnam exported semiconductor materials to the communist bloc back in 1979, although i have mentioned once on this forum that Vietnam tried to manufacture transistors long long time ago. A little bit surprised, as Vietnam was extremely poor in 1970...
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    All aboard! Southeast Asia's first high-speed railway

    By commonly accepted international standard, high speed railway means at least 250 km/h.
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    North Korea ICBM had range to hit US mainland - Japan

    It would be beneficial for both Taiwan and China to keep the status quo, why China has to change it. They want to incorporate Taiwan into China fully, so they need to win the heart of Taiwanese people, and certainly military will be the last option. And perhaps almost half of Taiwanese consider...
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    Europe is too dependent on China for technologies, Finland's PM says

    Working hard and learning hard are needed to compete, not only for Europe against China, which is ialmost mpossiblr mission, but against other emerging countries as well. But working and studying seem against the liberal ideology. Unless Europe gives up the liberal thinking right now, they...
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    Mark Milley: "The US military is the deadliest fighting machine on earth, second to none. US will be number one 5, 10, 50 years from now"

    The all mighty 1990s America has gone. At that time, they acted, not talked. Now Russia attacked Poland, a NATO member and the US tried to prove that it was not Russia who did it.
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    Germany blocks sale of chip factory to China over security fears

    Selling or not selling, the company will eventually die. The root cause is that they cannot compete on the market without support from a Chinese company (whether technologically or market, I am not sure), otherwise they would not have sought a Chinese buyer initially. An administrative order...
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    European Lawmakers Arrive In Taiwan To Show Support

    I've been to EU and all countries / regions you mentioned. Do not think so. Probably.
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    European Lawmakers Arrive In Taiwan To Show Support

    Are we (Chinese and Vietnamese) some privileged race which is immune to being brainwashed?
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    European Lawmakers Arrive In Taiwan To Show Support

    Do not think Western voters are totally stupid. Their feeling toward a future China-dominated world is understandable.
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    European Lawmakers Arrive In Taiwan To Show Support

    When they are just talkers, they can still go to Taiwan. But when they are / become real decision makers, they will go to China. That shows the chameleon nature of Western leaders in modern era. They can change their colors overnight. How countries can still advance and progress with such...
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    China confirms orders for 140 Airbus jets worth $17 bln

    Boeing needs to build a manufacturing a factory in China, otherwise, if China and Europe are together, it will be crushed because of losing market, hence the competitiveness.
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    Chinese launch next week will set stage for another big space-junk crash

    Time changes, and thinking can be changed. From PDF alone, we can see a lot of people in the West, being a China lover when it was just a cheap labor source to supply affordable products 10 years ago, have turned into China haters when it is becoming a real menace to the whole system. In the...
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    The Chinese collapse

    Finnish is a smart people and you should stay with smart people and as a smart pepple, you can easily find which people are smarter (Chinese or American). Being a very small country population wide, choosing side between big powers is not a wide move, because if you are wrong, you will be...
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    At least 149 dead, dozens injured in Halloween stampede in Seoul, South Korea

    Less traditional East Asian does not necessarily mean "westernized". Some countries may try to ditch their traditions to create new ones (as Mao Zetung's China), but the new ones do not always mean "Western".
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    At least 149 dead, dozens injured in Halloween stampede in Seoul, South Korea

    No. Korean is much different than Japanese in the "westernized" aspect. Despite relatively high Christian follower rate, compared to other East Asian nations, it is one of the most traditional East Asian countries, even more so than Singapore or China, as far as my experience goes.

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