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    Criticism of Qatar pure hypocrisy

    I agree with this video
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    Post your favorite car

    God/Allah will gift you five dream cars. What are they? Mine 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    Post your type of girl

    Alright this place is too much of a sausage fest. In this thread, we post pictures of women that we find the most attractive.
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    Andrew Tate Vs Jake Paul

    So who do you think will win? Abu Tate or that Clown Jerk Paul? I am rooting for Tate but I think that Jake Paul might have an edge because he is at peak performance while Tate has been retired for a while. I am still voting for Tate though.
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    Imran Khan - Braveheart of Pakistan

    Imran Khan is the Braveheart of Pakistan. Yay or Nay? Most honorable and honest politician in Pakistan for decades. General Bajwa and the current regime are like the sellout, wormy Scottish nobles. The CIA are the English tyrants. Imran Khan is Braveheart.
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    China's Slacker Generation

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    Life Under Neocon Rule

    One of the best political analysis channels IMO
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    Cairo LRT built by China almost ready

    BTW the new capital city is really coming along. Looks amazing. Going to be like a new Dubai.
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    Is Pakistan the heir to the Mughals?

    I have recently been watching documentaries about the history of the Mughal Empire in the subcontinent. I was wondering if Pakistanis today consider their country to be an heir to the Mughal Empire? Obviously I think between Pakistan and India, Pakistan is culturally the more legitimate heir...
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    Farsi speaking Chinese girl visits Iran

    She is a polyglot and speaks 8 or 9 languages. She is visiting Iran and speaks Farsi with the locals.
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    Tehran walk in 4K

    Streets are clean. Shops are trendy. Much more developed than what is commonly portrayed in the Western media.
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    Young Chinese not having babies

    China will probably be the next Japan, collapsing birth rates, declining population but still closed off to immigration which would supplement the workforce. Collapsing populations are an issue in all of the developed world, but for China and East Asia, they are closed off to immigration so...
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    China's train station of the Future

    The new Jiaxing train station designed by Beijing based MAD architects. Jiaxing is a smaller city situated between Shanghai and Hangzhou. The first video is the concept. The second video is the finished product. The station was completed this year.
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    Cleanest city in Africa

    Rwanda is making leaps and bounds and quickly setting a new standard of development for other African countries to follow. Its capital city, Kigali, is considered the cleanest city in Africa, with orderly roads and many green spaces. It is amazing they accomplished this in just two decades and...
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    Fast and Furious in China

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    Hindu Extremists at war against Love Jihad

    Good documentary about what's going on
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    Iran before Khomeini

    Came across this film which has a lot of rare and valuable footage of Iran prior to the Islamic Revolution. It made me think about how Iran's trajectory would've been so different if the Islamic Revolution had not occurred. The positives for Iran would be that today it would be very integrated...

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