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  1. Hack-Hook

    Austria orders nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated

    another nation that understand what must be done and don't have monkey court to meddle on what they better not to meddle in They are placing about 2 million unvaccinated people in lockdown from Monday amid record infection levels and growing pressure on hospitals...
  2. Hack-Hook

    Nikki Haley's Astounding Claims About Iran

    https://nationalinterest.org/blog/middle-east-watch/nikki-haleys-astounding-claims-about-iran-164576 some Excerpt from the article For U.S. officials, past and present, to be professing concern for the stewardship of the Iranian people’s public funds strains credulity. The specter of the...
  3. Hack-Hook

    Mr. 12 condition is now ready to talk with Iran without any precondition

    U.S. prepared to talk to Iran without 'pre-conditions', Iran sees 'word-play' https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-iran-switzerland/us-prepared-to-engage-with-iran-without-pre-conditions-pompeo-idUSKCN1T30DT
  4. Hack-Hook

    World costliest aircraft just got costlier.

  5. Hack-Hook

    Pakistan-Iran rail service suspended

    QUETTA : The Pakistan-Iran cargo train service has been suspended for three days after nine bogies of a goods train derailed in Kaishangi are of Nushki district on Saturday. According to sources, the train loaded with 600 tonnes of brimstone was coming to Quetta from Mirjawa, Iran. The...
  6. Hack-Hook

    how you participate in a discussion without being allowed quotes about that discussion?

    I wonder how I'm supposed to reply to wrong claim and accusation about religious matters if I'm not allowed to quote from the book itself. For example I received this warning When replying to a claim that hijab has nothing to do with Islam in this thread ...
  7. Hack-Hook

    Some perfect translation of iranian officials by Western media

    These are some example on how patetic some western media can be while translating iranian officials. For example ahmainejad said غرب دست از بچه بازی بردارد &#1608...

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