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  1. Mujahid

    Mujahideen at captured strategic Indian peaks during Kargil Conflict

    Mujahideen at captured strategic Indian peaks and offering prayers during the Kargil Conflict of 1999. Kargil Conflict was a kick to force India to negotiate and resolve the decades old Kashmir dispute.
  2. Mujahid

    Ranking website ridiculously ranks PAF among 10 worst air forces in the world

    Ranking website ridiculously ranks PAF among 10 worst air forces in the world
  3. Mujahid

    T-55 Tank (Scale Model Building Kit)

    Pakistan has been among several countries of the world to use this robust tank. Scale: 1/72 Price: Rs 2000
  4. Mujahid

    Sabre F-86F-40 (1/72 Scale Model Building Kit)

    This legendary fighter jet was in service with PAF from 1954 till 1980 and Sqn Ldr MM Alam scored world record in the same jet. Price: Rs 2000
  5. Mujahid

    Alouette III (1/72 Scale Model Building Kit)

    This helicopter is in service with all three defence forces of Pakistan for search, rescue and aerial surveillance. Price: Rs 2000
  6. Mujahid

    FT-6 (1/144 Scale Model Building Kit)

    This is the two-seater version of F-6 fighter jet. Price: Rs 2000
  7. Mujahid

    F-6 (1/144 Scale Model Building Kit)

    This fighter jet was used in 1971 war against India and was phased out in 2002. Price: Rs 2000
  8. Mujahid

    What happened ? video says navy heli crashed

    Real or fake ?
  9. Mujahid

    Confrontation between PAF officials and Traffic wardens at Mall Road Rwp

    Confrontation between PAF officials and Traffic wardens at Mall Road Rwp, reason unknown.
  10. Mujahid

    Zaid Hamid training security officers

    BrassTacks was invited to train security officers in new techniques of Gun safety and urban warfare and 5thGenWar. InshAllah, together with our armed forces, patriotic citizens will defend this Medina e Sani against all enemies.
  11. Mujahid

    Pakistan And USA - Difficult Allies

    US congressman visits Pakistan to pave way for support during Soviet-Afghan War, what happens next and how Pak Army officials deal with him is hilarious.
  12. Mujahid

    'You're a top agency, don't make a joke out of the country,' SC tells ISI

    ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC), on Wednesday, expressed dissatisfaction over the performance of the country’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to monitor last year Faizabad Dharna. During a suo-motu hearing of Faizabad sit-in, the two judge bench comprising of Justice Mushir Alam and...
  13. Mujahid

    What is the problem with Aftab Iqbal?

    WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH THIS BLOKE ? He never misses a chance to bark at Musharraf, he should not forget that he is sitting on media because of him. It was Musharraf who paved way to create a free media.
  14. Mujahid

    ANZA - short spear of Prophet Mohammad SAW

    This is ANZA, short spear of Prophet Mohammad SAW. Pakistan's shoulder-fired SAM (surface to air missile) is named in the memory of this spear. Anza was used to shoot down two Indian fighter jets during the Kargil conflict of 1999.
  15. Mujahid

    Intense Fight Between Matiullah Jan & Barrister Saif Over Question Of Musharraf & Gen Raheel

    Intense fight between Matiullah Jan and Barrister Saif over question to compare Gen Musharraf with Gen Raheel
  16. Mujahid

    1965 War Gallery

    MORE >>> http://pakistanarmy.biz.tc/gallery-1965war.html
  17. Mujahid

    IAF came close to bombing Pakistani bases in Kargil war

    NEW DELHI: Indian Air Force pilots were minutes away from escalating the Kargil war with bombing missions on Pakistani bases but they abandoned the plans for which there is no known official explanation, NDTV said on Tuesday. “In the early hours of June 13, 1999, at the height of the Kargil...
  18. Mujahid

    1965 war: We achieved air superiority in three days, says Air Force Marshal Arjan Singh

    NEW DELHI: Arjan Singh was the only officer of the Indian Air Force to be promoted to the five-star rank equivalent to a Field Marshal. Air Marshal Singh led the Indian Air Force in the 1965 war with Pakistan which he says was prematurely terminated on intervention by the United Nations. Had it...
  19. Mujahid

    Indian Army Grabbed By Its Jugular In Kargil

    Pak Warriors | Facebook

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