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  1. Hulk

    Did Imran removal blessing in disguise for him?

    I request my Pakistani friends to please take the discussion in the right context. I have been observing the discourse in Pakistan for sometime. This is my understanding and I can be wrong so please feel free to disagree but let’s have a logical conversation. In my understanding Pakistan was in...
  2. Hulk

    Keeping economy, CPEC intact: Pakistan seeks friends’ help to avoid IMF bailout

  3. Hulk

    Pakistan’s Rupee Drops to Record Low in World’s Biggest Decline

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-12/pakistan-s-rupee-drops-to-record-low-in-world-s-biggest-decline By Faseeh Mangi December 12, 2017, 7:14 AM EST Central bank abandons grip on managed float operated currency Pakistan’s external deficits are widening, reserves falling...
  4. Hulk

    Clear Signs of De Facto Martial Law in Pakistan

    https://thewire.in/185673/clear-signs-de-facto-martial-law-pakistan/ Recent remarks by the director general of Inter-Services Public Relations make evident that the Pakistani civilian leadership has no control over the country’s domestic and foreign policies, and that the army is, in fact, in...
  5. Hulk

    Kashmiri Muslim voice at UN

    "The video of my intervention at the General Debate (Item 5-indigenous people and minorities) during UNHRC Session"
  6. Hulk

    (Rumors) Pakistan going to ask 21 Billion$ loan

    I saw this on YouTube unsure of facts hence added Rumors on the title. Please let me know your point of view, from the discussion it seems Pakistan economy is in very bad shape. @RiazHaq can you please put your views.
  7. Hulk

    Credit growth in China is causing jitters

    https://www.economist.com/news/china/21725336-its-wrong-assume-reining-it-will-slow-down-economy-credit-growth-china “COASTER through the Clouds” in Nanchang, a city in the southern province of Jiangxi, is China’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster (see picture). It carries terrified customers...
  8. Hulk

    Forces seek Rs 27 lakh crore over next 5 years for defence projects

    http://m.timesofindia.com/india/forces-seek-rs-27-lakh-crore-over-next-5-years-for-defence-projects/articleshow/59613786.cms NEW DELHI: The armed forces have sought an allocation of Rs 26.84 lakh crore ($416 billion) over the next five years to ensure requisite military modernisation and...
  9. Hulk

    Center Authorizes Army to make emergency Purchase

    http://m.indiatoday.in/story/indian-army-china-pakistan-sikkim-doklam/1/1000695.html Cannot paste whole thing. Some issue with mobile. Will update later. Looks like we are getting ready for eventuality.
  10. Hulk

    Kashmir crisis: India must be ruthless in restoring law and order, enough of futile 'healing touch'

    http://www.firstpost.com/india/kashmir-crisis-india-must-be-ruthless-in-restoring-law-and-order-enough-of-futile-healing-touch-3388838.html A new wave of fatalism on Kashmir is upon us. This fatalism isn’t the one that a CRPF jawan or a Kashmiri youth faces in the Valley on a daily basis. The...
  11. Hulk

    2019 ICC World Cup: Pakistan, West Indies fail to get direct qualification

    http://www.deccanchronicle.com/sports/cricket/120417/2019-icc-world-cup-pakistan-west-indies-fail-to-get-direct-qualification.html Dubai: Pakistan and West Indies have failed to get direct qualification for the 2019 ICC World Cup, after they were placed at the eighth and ninth position in the...
  12. Hulk

    Indigenous Nirbhay missile to be test-fired again: DRDO

    BENGALURU: The glitches in indigenous subsonic cruise missile 'Nirbhay' have been identified and the missile is likely to be test-fired again in May or June after incorporating changes suggested by a committee that probed the earlier test failures, the DRDO said on Wednesday. The missile, with...
  13. Hulk

    India hails World Bank decision on Indus treaty

    http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/india-hails-world-bank-decision-on-indus-treaty/articleshow/55965281.cms? NEW DELHI: India today said World Bank's decision to temporarily halt two simultaneous processes to look into Indo-Pak dispute over Kishenganga and Ratle...
  14. Hulk

    Cries from a Bleeding Kashmir

    I am just returning from Kashmir and was forced to rush to the Srinagar airport at 4:30 am to escape the agitated masses and stone pelters wreaking havoc during daylight hours. I still have vivid memories of stone pelters and anarchists roaming the streets, running amok, smashing cars...
  15. Hulk

    A Brief History of Kashmiri Pandits

  16. Hulk

    Access Issue can't post

    I cannot post on Rafael thread in India Defence section. Getting error you do not have access. Wondering whats wrog with me, I generally always post on topic no flames and this is not even a Pakistan only section. @WebMaster please have a look. This is what I wanted to post. Many people are...
  17. Hulk

    Safety of US Nuclear Weapons

    Seriously, I am also concerned about wastage of money.
  18. Hulk

    India to Pakistan: We can bail out hockey in Pakistan if you want

    IBNLive Sports#international hockey #hockey #india #pakistan Secretary General Pakistan Hockey Federation I have gone through the attached press news coverage as appeared in the Indian Express newspaper on 4 April 2015. We can not imagine the Olympics being played and the Indian and Pakistan...
  19. Hulk

    Pakistanis trending #rapepublicday

    Look at how disgusting it is that Pakistani's are trending #rapepublicday today. There is some basic decency but some people dont have it. What's your thoughts?
  20. Hulk

    Shall we totally boycott Pakistan?

    Hi, I think Pakistan has decided not to cooperate with us, we are wasting time talking to them. I believe in having good relationship with neighbor, but I also think that if that is not possible. We should forget about them altogether, get to bare minimum contact. There is no need to even...

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