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  1. bafxet

    No Confidence Move linked to Pak in new Bloc of China, Russia, Western powers unleashes forces to sabotage O.I.C moot, taking a stance against west

    Politicians have their limits. Pakistan strong and patriotic army is their to defend the the Geographically and ideologically.
  2. bafxet

    Sultan Salahuddin's historic words and Pakistan's politics

    This doesn't apply internally...Don't take their politically rivalry to the height of war and animosity. Are you trying to say that those having politically fight with IK are not Pakistanis and done belong to this land. .
  3. bafxet

    Feb’22 exports $ 2.81bn, up +36% YoY

    3 billion is good but but I think import substitution will do the trick
  4. bafxet

    Bahrain buys Israeli radars and anti-drone systems

    Obviously Iran is the aim. BTW I think that Israel doesn't need to do anything. Arabs Sheikdoms are enough to destroy themselves.
  5. bafxet

    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    Love it
  6. bafxet

    Pakistan Has Saved Over $410 Million in Forex Thanks to “Made in Pakistan” Smartphones

    I was also very excited when first heard about the savings. But than I found that the import cost of the components which go into make a cell phone has gone up substantially. The net grain for the country beside a little foreign exchange save was employment generation
  7. bafxet

    How are indians treated in Saudi

    To the extent of managerial position I can accept, reasons being that Indians are agree to work on very low salaries and are very very obedient perhaps far more than normal. BD'S have replaced indians in lower category jobs and pattty businesses like running small grocery stores. But Indian...
  8. bafxet

    Islamabad swallows bitter IMF pills

    It is a classic example of deficit of trust between forex and stock markets with GoP. IMF programme has revived but it has got strings attached to it. The major sticking point is the legislation of autonomizing the SBP. Screamed of middle class let alone lower middle or lower class are being...
  9. bafxet

    Is China a really good friend of Pakistan? Excellent analysis

    Interests makes friends or foes. Chinese and Pakistani interests converge and the result is a good friendship.
  10. bafxet

    Former CJP Saqib Nisar denies authenticity of audio clip attributed to him

    I'm quite clear about this man saqib nisar. The way he shut Pakistan kidney and liver transplant Hospital, a noble and charitable work of selfless Pakistani doctors settled overseas, he can do anything.
  11. bafxet

    Large industry grows 5.15% in 1st Quarter

    LSM, took a huge dip post 2018 following the hike in discounting rate to 13.5%, though it has recovered, but it still hasn't returned back to its baseline where it was in 2018.
  12. bafxet

    WB says Pakistan’s remittances grew by 26% in 2021

    Whatever the dynamics of the surge in the remittances may be, the whole nation owes a lot to the Pakistani diaspora who are immensely contributing in keeping the economy of this country afloat.
  13. bafxet

    Export bids for JF-17 Thunder Multirole Lightweight Fighter Aircraft

    The odyssey from jf17 block 1 to block 3 has transformed it into a lethal aircraft. Backed by the 27th feb skirmish its customer base will grow by itself globally.
  14. bafxet

    Saudi Arabia announces its intention to manufacture helicopters and put them on the market within 3 years

    Now they are channalising their oil wealth in right direction, Industrialisation! Better late than never
  15. bafxet

    Pakistan’s Current Account Deficit Reaches Its Highest Level in FY2022

    Thank to travel restrictions that for increase in remittance. Do we have to give it credit to you darling IK? Honestly I'm not alone in bughaz imran it is no shot in general public.
  16. bafxet

    Monetary policy: SBP jacks up interest rate by 150 bps to 8.75%

    It is bad but not doing would have been worst. The problem start when GoP started to cut loss the import allowing import of every bull shit. Even in presence of local manufacturing they allowed import of cars.
  17. bafxet

    Pakistan’s Current Account Deficit Reaches Its Highest Level in FY2022

    When asked what they have accomplished in last 40 month they dont tell what they have done inseat they bring NS into the discussion. The strategy of diverting the matter to NS has made the whole country sick and tired. So the bottom line is that besides Poor Performance and lies they are immune...
  18. bafxet

    Pakistan’s Current Account Deficit Reaches Its Highest Level in FY2022

    What thank you NS? Is he in power? Are you afraid of asking this goofy PM who has virtually fooled everyone in the country with his so called wisdom. Ik sucks. Making a mockery of NS won't work he has to delivery to prove his worth, which he has miserably failed in doing so far.
  19. bafxet

    PM ‘drops’ plan to seek IMF chief’s help on $6b deal

    The financial system of the country is hostage with IMF and as a conseqence the whole country itself. Nobody except we Pakistani's are to be blamed for this.

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