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  1. unstopabl3

    Mehran VX 2008 Model - Urgent AC Inquiry!!

    Hi everyone, I've got a Mehran VX 2008 model and it has 80,000+ KM on it. Been planning to install an AC in it for as long as I can remember but due to shortage of funds I couldn't install it sooner. Now I have around 15-25000 and I'd like to know a few things before I take this plunge. 1)...
  2. unstopabl3

    Best route for ISSB - Lahore to Kohat

    Hi is taking Daewoo from Lahore to Rawalpindi and then local transport the best method to reach ISSB Kohat?
  3. unstopabl3

    ISSB Downtime - How to contact them?

    I've been checking the ISSB website for my call status but their website portal has been "Under Construction" for well over a month now. Plus their Blog has not been updated for many months. I have not received any letter in the mail either, although a couple of my friends in another city have...
  4. unstopabl3

    PMA LC Initial Physical Tests

    Hi I saw the requirements for the Physical Tests for PMA LC but I'd like to get a clarification. What's the sequence of the tests? Also do they tell you to run 1.6 KM first then right away tell you to do 15 pushups, then 15 situps, then the chinups all in one go or do they allow you to...
  5. unstopabl3

    Need some Urgent Information - Pakistan National Guard!!!

    Hi, I've searched around but couldn't find anything relevant to my query. If I am not mistaken Pakistan Mujahib Force and Janbaz Force work under The National Guard right? Is there a website link to Pakistan's National Guard or the Mujahid + Janbaz Force or is there a telephone number I can...
  6. unstopabl3

    PAF GDP - Passed the Initial Tests

    I have passed the initial tests again and now I have a medical and interview in second week of September :/ Any tips for the interview, because it seems to be the most important thing! How can I impress the interviewer, speaking in English is one :D
  7. unstopabl3

    Date for PAF GDP Applications Second Half of 2011?

    I would like to know the dates or months when the applications for PAF GDP will be available for the second half of 2011. Like July, August? If someone has a genuine/credible source please do share. Thanks in advance!
  8. unstopabl3

    Questions and Answers: People pursuing a career as a Pilot!

    Hi, I'm pretty sure many threads have been posted regarding such matters but I'm making this thread in an attempt to consolidate different opportunities a person seeking a career as a pilot may have in armed forces or elsewhere. It would be beneficial for everyone to simply visit this thread if...
  9. unstopabl3

    PAF 133 GDP - Passed the Initial and Medical!!!

    AOA, by the grace of Allah I have passed the initial academic and medical exams for 133th PAF GDP. Today was my interview and after the interview I was told to wait for the merit list which will be posted in March. The interview was quite brief 2-3 mins and the officer asked just a few questions...
  10. unstopabl3

    PAF GDP Applications???

    Hi, I was expecting the new vacancies to be announced but did not see anything in today's newspapers. Any idea when they will advertise?
  11. unstopabl3

    UHS MCAT Entrance Test 2010 Results

    Have a look at the Answer Key to get your approximate scores ;) ..:: University Of Health Sciences Lahore ::.. Enjoy!
  12. unstopabl3

    PAF GDP in August? Need lots of replies ;)

    AOA, can anyone tell me when is the next date for PAF GDP? August 2010??? Last year there was an advertisement in the newspaper in which I had seen that for A Level students, passing grades in two subjects are sufficient and chemistry was not a necessity. Would this apply this year as well...
  13. unstopabl3

    ISSB Website / Blog

  14. unstopabl3

    ISSB Website / Blog

    Hi, I have been trying to register on ISSB website / bog located at Inter Services Selection Board for over two months now. Before it used to give an error right on registration that the registration email could not be send but now the registration get's completed but you never receive the...
  15. unstopabl3

    Lahore Furniture Quest - Computer Table and Table Tennis Table

    As this is a General Section, I hope you guys don't mind me asking for your advise/insight on something I've been searching for a few months to no avail. I'm in search of two "sort of" furniture items and would like help from the Lahories on this one. 1) Want to buy a simple yet decent...

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