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  1. Parashuram1

    Drones in slumber after Davis incident

    It would be too early to consider that Americans have stopped their entire war doctrine just for the sake of one potential operative (which is still to be proven by Pakistani law courts). There is definitely going to be a back channel diplomatic exchange which will show the course of where this...
  2. Parashuram1

    Indian Military Picture Thread

    Do you see the difference in the capacity of weapons both helicopters are holding? Does your LCH also have an equal capacity to carry the larger rocket pods and the quad-store ATGM carriage as shown in the American AH-1?
  3. Parashuram1

    Zia ul Haq's Warning - Still Relevant Today?

    Sir, there is a lot of difference between Soviet war and present scenario. For starters, you do not have a superpower and 2 dozen of its allies pouring money and equipment on you to fight the United States and NATO. And if that was not enough, a covert strike against NATO by Pakistan when...
  4. Parashuram1

    Indian Military Picture Thread

    Pardon me for asking, but your attack helicopter seems to carry very less weapons compared to other light attack helicopters in the field. The American-made AH-1 Cobra seems to be able to carry quad-ATGM racks as compared to yours as well as larger multiple rocket pods. Could you enlighten me as...
  5. Parashuram1

    Suicide Blast in Mardan Army Training Centre

    Horrific. What could make a young boy like that blow himself up against his own military forces? May the deceased rest in peace.
  6. Parashuram1

    Pakistan: need to control drug spread

    This is a surprising news for me. Considering that Islam does not allow intoxication except for life-saving purposes (having been told this by a colleague), I was not aware that Pakistan has a drug problem too especialyl so extensive. Now and then I have heard about Afghan drug trade...
  7. Parashuram1

    Canadian Air Force to Sell Chinook Helicopters

    This is an excellent opportunity for Pakistani Government to increase its arsenal of transport helicopters. In the wake of recent flood tragedy that took place last year, I am sure that Chinooks will play a pivotal role in emergency rescue, aid distribution, evacuation of injured and other such...
  8. Parashuram1

    Fighting against militancy: Gunships grounded over high costs

    Thank you for directing me to a good source. I would still say that this is more than just religion or ethnicity. The core problem of your country is economy and development which translates to inflation, accessibility to consumer goods and a strong domestic manufacturing base. Religion and...
  9. Parashuram1

    Ripe for revolution?

    Interesting perspective. But the reason why you get to speak in this manner is because your country is the world's largest democracy. Otherwise right now, you would be thrown away in some political prison for registering your expression publicly against the government. Democracy is the only form...
  10. Parashuram1

    Ripe for revolution?

    Much appreciate it. Now certainly Pakistan in present situation would not fancy an Iran-like regime, which judging by the chaotic condition in your country has all the possibility of emerging into mainstream politics. Hopefully, sane minds in Pakistani political system would prevail. I am not...
  11. Parashuram1

    Fighting against militancy: Gunships grounded over high costs

    But that is not an excuse strong enough to demand additional funding from Americans if you see this logically. The TTP is not related to the Afghan Taliban you say; which essentially means that these are the result of radicalization of local people of your country against your government which...
  12. Parashuram1

    Model Tejas Mk.2 At Aero India

    I would say that this has a rather un-canny resemblance to the Yugoslav Novi Avion. But then again, today's European fighter aircraft have a uniform delta-wing-cum-canard configuration similarity.
  13. Parashuram1

    Fighting against militancy: Gunships grounded over high costs

    But isn't the battling of militants inside your territory you own government's target? This does not seem to be a part of America's war on terror campaign since agencies like TTP which your fellow nationals admit is indigenous to Pakistan. How would United States be liable in this case? And...
  14. Parashuram1

    Italy, Brazil Top Turkey's List Of Potential Next Generation Aircraft (FX) Partners

    Koreans have a genuine threat perception and this is further coupled by an extremely strong industrial base as well as sound scientific knowledge. It would not be prudent to underestimate their technical prowess.
  15. Parashuram1

    Iran hangs Dutch woman arrested after protests

    It is rather unfortunate but Iran's ruling regime has an uncanny ability to shoot itself repeatedly on foot. She could have been given a large fine and prison term. But outright hanging just for the sake of some allegations (possibly to scare anyone who wants to protest) is terribly wrong.
  16. Parashuram1

    Ripe for revolution?

    Gut Gott! Revolution is the last thing Pakistani nationals must be thinking of right now. It is impractical in your stiuation. Tunisia and Egypt are right now not suffering from militancy of any sort and hence there is a relatively stable state order established there. Hence the revolution apart...
  17. Parashuram1

    Chengdu J-10 Multirole Fighter Air Craft News & Discussions

    I never knew Serbs had a registered interest in the J-10? Also, when your deal with Pakistan was signed, only a few South Asian defense journals reported it with the revelation that Chinese only offered J-10s to Pakistan so far and no one else.
  18. Parashuram1

    Israel in photos

    Please keep your regional issues of politics out of this thread. It is essentially picture-related.
  19. Parashuram1

    Swiss Weapons/Aerospace

    Onyx Intelligence Gathering System Aquarious class Patrouilleboat The world-renowned Swiss Army Knife (always handy when soldiers are unarmed) Brügger & Thommet GL-06 Grenade Launcher Maschinengewehr MG-51 General-purpose Machine Gun Sphinx 3000 pistol
  20. Parashuram1

    Italy, Brazil Top Turkey's List Of Potential Next Generation Aircraft (FX) Partners

    Brazil? They are already focused on inviting bids by foreign firms for their own F-X programme. Brazilian air force is interested in Gripen while their government favours Rafale. What happened to Turkish keenness to design with South Korea and Indonesia?

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