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  1. Pride

    What is your ideology?

    There is no Islamic Nationalism. Both are totally different and adverse concepts. The term may be coined by Iqbal but was rejected by Muslim scholars unanimously from Barelvi and Deobandi. Pan-Islamic will be a better-suited word. I was pro-secular earlier but leaning towards Right-wing...
  2. Pride

    Do you still think Modi is honest after this video?

    You are AK fan so you don't have the rational mind to understand the way the things are working. Housing sales was mostly an investment by black money. Demonetization, GST and linking the things with Aadhar are putting pressure not to put money in the Real estate. This is the primary reason...
  3. Pride

    2019 = Modi to be decimated - love me or leave me

    Your frustration is understood as you are AAP-tard but your patience is commendable. You get up early in the morning search Anti-Modi news (and that too idiots like Tjaswi Yadav's tweet) and post. Hats off to your boss 'AK' and your patience and stupidity.
  4. Pride

    United States of South India

    After all your rant, I can just laugh that you have photo of Rajnikanth in your profile who is originally from Maharashtra and considered as North India ( North and South division is based on Language and not regional).
  5. Pride

    Increasing anti-Pakistan rhetoric: What is making India more adventurous?

    Well, Pakistanis are still delusional that they think India can't do anything. We did it in 1971 and we will do it again. Till then, you keep listening denials from your army which we dont care.
  6. Pride

    Hindu saints invented nuclear technology, cosmetic surgery, rockets and planes: Gujarat university

    People have no issues of accepting individuals born 1300 or 2000 year ago as prophets but when it comes to accepting the inventions (or hypothesis ) made by some people in Hindu mythology so they have questions.. Weird?? The same sages taught Yoga but world can easily accept as it suits their...
  7. Pride

    India’s concerns over CPEC ‘unwarranted’: Chinese state media

    Yes, so do area of CPEC as well. If you claim Kashmir is yours then area of CPEC in Kashmir also is ours. Kashmir will be peaceful if you start poking your nose in our matter and then we will also leave CPEC for you.
  8. Pride

    India’s concerns over CPEC ‘unwarranted’: Chinese state media

    You leave Kashmir out of equation or be ready to get grilled every time you do on your side of Kashmir.
  9. Pride

    Is CPEC a Problem for India ? Enough is Enough india

    My resolution?? It is Pakistanis who go and sing UN resolution tune everywhere. We always say that make LOC as International Border and finish it for once and all else ask Land from China first, move back to your position and then discuss about any request. Otherwise, your CPEC is on OUR land.
  10. Pride

    Is CPEC a Problem for India ? Enough is Enough india

    You, Pakistanis along with your friends Chinese! Pakistan and China need to roll-back your positions before 1948 attack then only it can take place. If you can't do it then never mention it.
  11. Pride

    Is CPEC a Problem for India ? Enough is Enough india

    The intelligence of Pakistanis goes somewhere else when you start explaining logic to them but chest thumping for Kashmir and crying foul about UN resolution always comes in to picture. First of all, when Indo-Pak Kashmir conflicts come in to picture, It is whole Kashmir including Chinese...
  12. Pride

    Why no love for desi 'dhadiwalas' ?? Owaisi mocks PM Modi for hugging UAE crown prince

    So, are you openly claiming that all Muslims are gay or only you are gay. I am confused?? :woot:
  13. Pride

    Pakistan, Bangladesh better than India on inclusive development

    As per Pak and BD History Books, Columbus was looking for South Asia and went to North America and identified native Americans as South Asians and there is a state in US as South Asian-a-Polis. :FacePalm:
  14. Pride

    Keep the pressure on Myanmar.

    Oh yeah. You are right.. Bangladesh people and government protect them. BNP and Jamaat-e-islami are busy finding and killing Hindus. %age of Hindus down in Bangladesh from 1971 to 2016 and you still have guts about talking Muslims in other country for some unknown place Rohingyas and blaming...
  15. Pride

    Keep the pressure on Myanmar.

    100s Attack, break 15 temples, 100 Houses, hurt 300 people for Beign Hindus but that is nothing for you. Remember this is 1 such incident of 2016. Guess what? Rohingya also doesn't matter for the world, you may cry as much you want. World is busy with focus on pious people of ISIS.
  16. Pride

    Keep the pressure on Myanmar.

    A simple google would have helped you but you guys are lazy a**. Here are couple of links with the incidents to satisfy your thirst. http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/attacks-on-hindus-indian-envoy-to-take-up-issue-with-bangladesh-pm-sheikh-hasina-1622059...
  17. Pride

    Modi's Demonetization Is a Cure Worse Than The Disease For India

    I do the same for my parents and from Canada only but that is not the point. It is all about what floats my boat that is only right.
  18. Pride

    Keep the pressure on Myanmar.

    What a logic! Atrocities on Hindus and Secular bloggers are daily news for Bangladesh still we support you guys. But yes we are communal.
  19. Pride

    Keep the pressure on Myanmar.

    Last time we defended you and look how are you behaving so why are you making fuss if we support Myanmar.

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