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  1. TechMan

    Bhutto and Khan (important thread)

    پانچ جولائی 1977 کے روز ضیاالحق کے مارشل لا نفاذ سے لیکر 3 ستمبر 1977 کی رات ذوالفقار علی بھٹو کی اپنے کراچی والے گھر سے گرفتاری تک کے دنوں کی داستان بہت قابلِ غور ہے۔ میں امید کرتا ہوں کہ آپ اِس طویل تھرید کو تحمل سے پڑھیں گے اور نتائج خود اخذ کریں گے۔ پانچ جولائی کی صبح مارشل لاء کے نفاذ کے...
  2. TechMan

    Two Sikh traders gunned down in Peshawar

    Two Sikh traders of Peshawar identified as Ranjeet Singh & Kanwaljeet Singh gunned down by unidentified terrorist today. Our Pakistani Sikh brothers specially from KPK are the most peaceful & loved people.
  3. TechMan

    Journalist Arshad Sharif calling out DG ISPR

    Arshad Sharif is playing on front foot. Hitting fours and sixes these days. :p:
  4. TechMan

    Iran readies itself to host World Cup fans after agreements with Qatar

    Iran, as a good neighboring country to Qatar, has entered into a series of agreements to be able to host World Cup fans during the global tournament later this year. Iran’s roads minister Rostam Ghasemi hosted the Qatari transport minister, Jassim bin Saif al-Sulaiti at a two-day visit to the...
  5. TechMan

    Do not search ISI on ISPR website

    lol looks like they fixed the bug Admin please delete thread
  6. TechMan

    Indian parliament member posts disgusting tweet against Arab women

    An Indian parliament member from BJP named Tejasvi Surya posted disgusting tweet against Arab women and later deleted it after being called out by Kuwaiti lawyer who asked Indian PM to take action against him. But that guy cannot hide now as people have taken screenshot. Here's link to tweet by...
  7. TechMan

    Two LEB and BNM terrorists eliminated in Sarawan & Chahbahar Iran

    Master Ali (Pic 1 & 2), commander of Lashkar-e-Balochistan & Rhemdil (pic 3 & 4), a low tier organizer for BNM assassinated in Sarwan & Chabahar respectively within 24 hours. Reminiscent of assassinations of TTP leadership in #Afghanistan last month.
  8. TechMan

    US diplomat's wife 'claims immunity and leaves UK after fatal road accident'

    The wife of a US diplomat reportedly claimed immunity and left the UK after being involved in a fatal road accident. Harry Dunn died in the incident near RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire on August 27. The 19-year-old was riding his motorbike when a woman emerged from the airbase on the wrong...
  9. TechMan

    Saudi King Salman's personal body guard dies of a gunshot wound

    Saudi King Salman’s personal bodyguard General Abdulaziz al-Faghm died of a gunshot wound following an altercation during a personal dispute, according to Saudi media reports. A Mecca Police Spokesman confirmed his death, saying it was due to a gunshot wound after he was shot at by his friend...
  10. TechMan

    Idol worship by Hindus on roadside in Dubai

    Following tweet contains a video which shows Hindus openly doing idol worship on roadside in Dubai.
  11. TechMan

    International payment gateway in Pakistan

    Guys anyone using International payment gateway like 2checkout, skrill etc. in Pakistan? I want to use it for my website but I read that now Pakistani banks are not accepting wire transfer from 2checkout and other merchants. Here are articles on this issue...
  12. TechMan

    Withholding tax on cross cheques

    Guys is there withholding tax on cross cheques? I gave someone cross cheque of Rs. 300000 and bank deducted Rs. 1800 as WHT. I thought it is only for cash transactiona i.e. if I use cash cheque or take amount from ATM!? Secondly isnt the tax is only applicable on transactions above Rs.50000? So...
  13. TechMan

    England vs Australia - 2nd Test Ashes Live Streaming

  14. TechMan

    Sri Lanka vs New Zealand - 1st Test Match - Live Streaming

  15. TechMan

    United Nations Security Council Resolution 80

    This is for all those who may not be aware of this. The next time any Indian tells you that the UN had called for Pakistan to withdraw from Kashmir first before a plebiscite could be held, just link them to the UNSC Resolution 80
  16. TechMan

    England vs Australia - 1st Test Ashes Live Streaming

    Multiple live streams available https://www.sportsforum.pk/Thread-England-vs-Australia-1st-Test-Live-Streaming
  17. TechMan

    England vs New Zealand (world cup final) - longer highlights

    Longer highlights (15 minutes) of today's game https://www.sportsforum.pk/Thread-England-vs-New-Zealand-World-Cup-2019-Final-HD-Highlights

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