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    Russia blames CIA special forces for Nord Stream 1 attack to cripple Germany economically so Airbus cannot compete with Boeing

    I remember a flotilla of lng ships going from USA to eu I guess that flotilla will look tiny compares to what happens now Money flows back to USA
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    Dar the Dracula Returns to Pakistan

    Can’t believe it, all our economic terminologies, developments all begin and stop at usd to pkr rate. Even our financial markets/stock market don’t follow market fundamentals Just by Dar coming back pkr became stronger
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    Red Mosque's Maulana Abdul Aziz is threatening policemen with violence

    I remember reading in newspaper that police have caught men/car carrying weapons into Lal masjid (before the troubles of lal masjid began) All this was planned, maybe to wreck musharraf Everyone is part of establishment and the establishment plays one player against the other to achieve its goals
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    Red Mosque's Maulana Abdul Aziz is threatening policemen with violence

    Everyone is part of establishment, even IK. It’s just everyone has their compulsions and when those compulsions begin to threaten the establishment then he/she becomes unwanted
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    Once upon a time there was a glorious country. Pakistan.

    Actually Pakistan HDI has steadily improved since independence as well as agriculture, industry, service industry etc has improved massively It the financial mismanagement which is causing all this stress So Pakistan citizens are in better position in terms of health education housing etc
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    Greek Airforce is receiving F16V

    Hope the JF17 block IV will come close to this f16V
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    Bradford cell activated?

    Alhamdulillah, nice to know we in Karachi are not the only ones to faces such chaos
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    Bentley stolen from London, registered in Sindh, recovered from DHA house

    2 were arrested, namely a Bilwani (a memon name) I bet this memon Seth is in real estate / construction business
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    Super Miftah saves pakistan, defense minister

    Then why not let pti take political heat, why did pmln need to jump in
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    PTI anti Pakistan and economy stance.

    So all these arguments for for IMF loan for a nuclear nation with top 10 armed forces but negligible governance. It’s better we stop begging for loans and for once default and fix our institutions and bring in reforms. Argentina also defaulted but its in a better position then us.
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    Withdrawals from Roshan Digital Accounts: rumor turned into reality

    Ur right, even with IK back, don’t keep your hopes high, the real leaders are our establishment and they have different aims
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    Dr۔ Shahabaz Gill arrested from Islamabad

    What is more distressing that that driver & his wife were arrested, her 10 month old child crying outside court, and wife put in jail
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    South Koreas offer Egypt the FA-50 Fighter Eagle, with ToT

    So how does this ta 50 compare to jf17 Bkk 3?
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    I miss Pervez Musharraf

    For us karachites we truly do mis him But my Baloch colleagues don’t miss him at all
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    Pakistan may be able to avoid a full-blown economic crisis

    I think IMF involvement is not limited to the finance department
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    Pakistani religious scholars arrive in Kabul for talks with TTP militants

    Then why are they kept safe by the ones who’s life and governance is controlled by Quran and sunnah In this taliban government, if for example, prophet Pbuh daughter were to steal, would the taliban follow the guidance of Allah & his messenger?
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    Cabinet okays ordinance to sell assets

    Like Musharraf said
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    Newborn comes to world only to see parents, sister killed in road accident

    Yes plz advise on how to become human Please teach me

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