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  1. Rajput_Pakistani

    Bangladesh Borrowing to send economy roaring

    As long as India remains 'darling of the west and the US' , there is nothing to worry about. At the moment, India is central to US anti Chinese strategy. For that they will keep India afloat at all costs.
  2. Rajput_Pakistani

    What went wrong in Afghanistan

    Pakistan was fighting its war for survival. and being able to survive is the strongest of human's instinct. Thankfully, Pakistani establishment exactly forsee American's future plans back in 2001.. The plan was to shift the war in Pakistan... in 3,4 years destroy its military and nuclear...
  3. Rajput_Pakistani

    "leave My Valley" ISPR released new tribute song for indian occupied KASHMIR

    KASHMIR "muzzamat" se nahi, Bharat ki "MURRAMAT" se azaad ho ga..
  4. Rajput_Pakistani

    India to add 35,000 troops along China border as tensions simmer

    Thats 3 divisions of IA bogged down on border with China. Spread her legs wide enough to ..... Pakistan should not loose the oppertunity when arise.
  5. Rajput_Pakistani

    Featured JF-17 Emerged As The Star of Swift Retort

    Squadron Leader Hassan Saddiqui should have been awarded Sitara-e-Jurat also. When I read the posts like in this thread confirming 100% Su-30 kill then why? Tamgha-e-Jurat? This bother me and yes I trust my PAF but there should be an answer to my query..
  6. Rajput_Pakistani

    Featured 3 Pakistan Army soldiers martyred in a terrorist attack in Gichk, Panjgur, Balochistan.

    List of failures: 1. Failure at intelligence level is huge. We are not able to eradicate or even penetrate the terror network in Balochistan. KBY arrest was years ago and kind of logistic, financial, media support these terrorists are enjoying is simply unparalleled. I am really unable to find...
  7. Rajput_Pakistani

    Overseas Pakistanis sent record remittances in FY 2020 at $ 23.12billion

    All these figures also includes freelancers, youtubers and other online earners. It also includes lots of money earned through under/over invoicing by traders. Now coming back home as white money. Not all sent by expats Pakistanis
  8. Rajput_Pakistani

    Saif ul Azam legendary pilot is no more.

    إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ
  9. Rajput_Pakistani

    Rumors: Finally AH-1Z are coming

    Sir, kiya kuch "Multani" 2016-17 mai USA gaye thay ya sab kuch "Multan" mai hi ho ga later
  10. Rajput_Pakistani

    Indian Bollywood Propaganda targeting Muslims and malicious attack on H Umar RA

    1. Typical RAW sponsored propaganda movie 2. Accused Kashmiris of all the crimes that are in reality being regularly committed by RSS and terrorist security forces in IoK 3. Building fake narrative to hide crimes against humanity 4. In such movies typically lead actor or producer/writer are so...
  11. Rajput_Pakistani

    Rumors: Pakistan to acquire five C-130J Super Hercules

    May whatever happens, turn out good for Pakistan's future. Ameen One thing, I would like to add.. members, who are saying that we should turn to China for transport fleet.. Its so expensive.... Bhai, we have already spent the money under CSF. The money is outstanding dues, which US need to pay...
  12. Rajput_Pakistani

    Lt Generals to lead military talks on Ladakh, Rajnath confirms large Chinese presence

    Why are Indians not telling the truth or we have to wait for some years before a retired military officer will write a book. 1. Is it not true that Indians have a plan to take Karakaram pass and cut KKH? 2. Have they not constructed the road network and ALS up there to supply the garrison round...
  13. Rajput_Pakistani

    The ‘white gold’ for the economy - Milk Industries

    There was a research center/farm of Livestock department, Punjab in Sahiwal. Spread across 100s of acres in the most fertile agriculture area of Pakistan. That land was given to Coal power plant. You could go for yourself and check, what has happened to environment there. When livestock and...
  14. Rajput_Pakistani

    Indian Army used artillery & heavy mortars on LOC targeting Civilian Population

    https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/was-plebiscite-forestalled-by-pakistan.501845/ Indians are master of twisting, turning and distorting facts to suit their narratives. Hell they even blamed their naked aggression of 1971 on Pakistan. @M. Sarmad Dear above is the link to well researched...
  15. Rajput_Pakistani

    Some indication on profile for members who died?

    @DESERT FIGHTER May be but her name was different. She was here during 2015-16 as well. Then Talon the biotechnology engineer. She was very critical of Indians.
  16. Rajput_Pakistani

    Some indication on profile for members who died?

    I am a member since 2013. 40 years old married and have 2 daughters. I was a silent reader for many years. Back then there was a photo of old damaged T69 tank on its cover. Blueish picture. I also remember an indian member, I think @Roybot I used to get very irritated of his posts. Then there...

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