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    Pakistan to observe day of mourning tomorrow over Queen Elizabeth’s death

    Astaghfirullah! So embarrassing for the nation
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    Pakistan, Turkiye agree to work on gas supply project from Russia

    Iranian side is complete Pakistan just needs to do their side. I believe Iran has offered to take in that work as well. Yes the gas would be at discounted rates compared to World prices.
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    Pakistan, Turkiye agree to work on gas supply project from Russia

    Pakistan literally has an Iranian gas pipeline at the door with prices lower than market value but won’t use it. Meanwhile India buys from Russia during sanctions and sells to US and Europe. Another pipe dream?
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    Recognizing Israel, here is what we should do.

    Israel is also the name of the Angel of Death any correlation?
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    Pakistan supplying Artillery shells to Ukraine

    Good books of the West??? bro Pakistan has already done so much for them and look at the treatment it has gotten. don’t spend your life trying to impress others.
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    Pakistan supplying Artillery shells to Ukraine

    being involved in this war is messy. Maybe not worth the cost to get involved. Meanwhile India is getting discounted resources to make life easier for its people
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    This probably is a domestically available capability
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    In Yemen, an Iran-backed terror group lays low — for now

    Meanwhile US and France are talking over Yemeni oil fields disturbing the economies of all Gulf countries.
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    Possible Iran-Qatar Mega project....Persian gulf undersea tunnel

    Lol they’ll probably find oil digging the tunnel. One issue is that tectonic plates in that region are active I wonder how that’s solve that
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    COAS Bajwa first Pakistani to represent UK Queen at Military Academy Sandhurst

    He represented the head of their state Very odd and it seems that’s the consensus
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    Madinah court sentences six Pakistanis for disrespecting Masjid-e-Nabwi

    They welcome people under investigation for crimes into the holy sites but get mad when people are upset. How do you think Saud got control over Mecca and Medina. It wasn’t a peaceful process. They commit murder in Yemen and with Kashoggi in Turkey, shake hands with Zionists, but say...
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    Green light given to Dubai royal’s 400MW green hydrogen project in Pakistan — powered by 1200MW of wind and solar

    They aren’t using any new technology any well funded local could have done this. Still at least someone is doing this
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    PM Shehbaz Sharif gave permission to COAS to speak to US on IMF

    This is outside the realm of military.
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    Pakistan - Turkey (PAC-TAI) Collaboration for NGFA-TFX 5th Gen Aircraft l Updates, News & Discussion

    Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country
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    ARY News Shutdown by MQM in Karachi.

    Old rulers (PPP, MLN) are back and now the people of Karachi can go back to fearing for their lives
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    Violent teacher beating a kid mercilessly - Bihar

    any update on the teacher? Hopefully he’s been arrested
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    China Keeps Feasting on Russian Oil

    Pakistan needs to act like a country and look out for its own interests. The financially instability could be delayed or offset
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    Urban Flooding Alert: Karachi

    Drainage is held up by garbage and poor management of canals and rivers.

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