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    Pakistani exports declined by 24%

    Thank you property dealers :D
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    Are TTP mullah coming in Swat, Again?

    Kam TTP ata ha tu Kam Funding ata ha Zada TTP ata ha tu Zada Funding ata ha
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    Fan Account of Air Marshall Shahid Latif becomes a disgrace

    After this tweet we want more Aid? i don't see any other reason
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    Pakistan, China soon to deal in RMB/PKR

    I think we already have an agreement around 2 billion dollar worth of PKR is accepted by China
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    PAF J-10C News, Updates and Discussion

    is link-17 installed on J-10CP?
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    Wanted Terrorist having Head money of Rs 3 Millions arrested from Mardan , KP , Pakistan | July 2022 .

    We need to find our why our system lead them to become terrorist. hamary idary kitne dood k dhuly howy hain we know everything
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    Pakistan Enemies plan to neutralize Pakistan Army or ISI

    lol Pura Pakistan beach diya inho ne ab ye joke lol
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    Pakistan’s Energy Crisis will get WORSE in July

    gate no 4 don't give a shit that civilian should die or live. they need their budget to make more house societies
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    After so many solider died now they aim it what a shit planning
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    Govt to impose 30% on IT Exports & Services

    Kamla parh lo ya is Mulk se bhaag jao because they are giving us no option
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    Pakistan fuel prices still cheap

    This country belong to establishment, politician, Officers, Judges, agencies and their families and American nationality Jo Pakistan mai gareeb awam rehti unka nahi ha ye Pakistan
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    Pakistan carries out airstrikes along AfPak border

    kuch log inko power mai le kar aye Afsos
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    Old man gets beaten by Mustafa Nawaz and Noor Alam Khan

    Amm Awam k liye Court notice nahi leti hamy pata hona chiye jo hamari okat ha
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    Hangor Class Submarine Project | Updates & Discussions

    still where to get engines ?
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    IK Should Quit or Expel US Ambassador and cut diplomatic ties with US

    why not disqualified hony se tu bhetter ha

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