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  1. shayyman

    US used Pakistani airspace for drone that killed al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahri: analysts

    ‘Must be condemned at every level’: Army slams ‘regretful social media campaign’ following chopper crash - Pakistan - DAWN.COM ‘No question of Pakistan soil being used’ for Zawahiri killing In response to a question about the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the DG ISPR said there...
  2. shayyman

    Mafia's final attempt via ECP: Disqualify Imran Khan

    PTI is saying decision is a joke and will not stand in courts. There are technical holes in it size of Jupiter. The amounts come from bank transactions and itself are so small that its senseless to even investigate. Perhaps so. They are right if this was a real country and there were real...
  3. shayyman

    You are a slave!

    That's what Imran Khan has been trying to teach the Pakistani nation! You were born into a bondage. A Prison for your mind. A world pulled before your eyes to blind you from the truth. To keep you locked into the Stockholm Syndrome. We thought it's the western system. Maybe - but it exists...
  4. shayyman

    Imran Khan has become inevitable

    So after all this circus, it has become apparent that Imran khan has become the only inevitable and relevant option of Pakistani politics. King makes have run out of options here. And even if they so much want, they cannot keep IK out of power by force and engineering in next elections by any...
  5. shayyman

    Election rigging next on agenda to keep IK out of power

    So a media narrative is being laid down in which according to one Mr.Najam sethi, next election will be completely "fair" under a controlled technocratic setup in which PML-N will be in position get twice the seats than PTI (doesn't matter if in reality the ground support for PML-N is not even...
  6. shayyman

    PML-N has destroyed Pakistan's economy within days

    The experiment has failed miserably or should i say it has succeeded with flying colors?. Within days of taking oath, installed PM Shehbaz Sharif has proven that this gov is the most corrupt, most incapable, and most treacherous lot. Their only priority is to pump looted money into media to...
  7. shayyman

    Russia has announced world war 3

    With sinking of Moskova, Russian state TV announced WW3 has started. Russian state TV says Ukraine invasion ‘has already escalated into World War 3’ A Russian state TV host has said the reason president Vladimir Putin’s “special operation” in Ukraine is taking so long is because the country...

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