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    Five martyred in blast in Swat’s Kabal area: police

    People were showing concern for a long, but the authorities are ignoring or didn't provide the correct information and now the results are emerging: Five martyred in blast in Swat’s Kabal area: police Sirajuddin Published September 13, 2022 Updated 4 minutes ago 3 LISTEN TO...
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    So many uncivilized events are happening in Pakistan - Did the Civil Society lose its vocal cords?

    Significant incivility and savageness are on the rise in the political atmosphere of Pakistan. Never anticipated that the so vocal Civil Society of Pakistan will lose its vocal cords, never found them anywhere. Will they justify their existence in times to come? Will people hear them as a sane...
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    LSD (Lumpy Skin Disease) in cattle - Your contribution to containing the outbreak

    India and Pakistan both facing the outbreak of this deadly disease of cattle which significantly impacts the farmer's livelihood directly and the effects are rippling to the country's economy. The outbreak is reported worst among the cows/oxen, and the price per unit of such cattle is high in...
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    Pakistan, UK sign ‘landmark’ pact on repatriation of convicted criminals - NS the master absconder could be the first casuality

    The sudden return of the 'Master Absconder' to Pakistan could be more related to this though liars and their lie peddlers gave an impression otherwise. ACCOUNTABILITY ACROSS THE BOARD LIES SPREAD FAST BUT COULD NOT STAND, TRUTH SPREAD SLOWLY BUT ALWAYS PREVAIL Pakistan, UK sign ‘landmark’...
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    Govt to offer 51% stakes in PIA, Roosevelt to Qatar

    A very 'Juicy Bone' is on the offer for reward to Qatar - Is it really Qatar OR could be Mr. Saif-Ur-Rehman in Qatar? PM Shehbaz shelves plan to sell two LNG-fired power plants Are shelved plans token for the future 'commissions/kickbacks'? If they are able to keep IK out of politics...
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    Assassination Attempt on QAU's Vice Chancellor Thawarted Successfully

    BBC Urdu reporting but criminal silence prevailing on the part of Pakistani Government and media. The explanation/reason for the attempt is not gullible, something seems very wrong and the Government is trying a cover-up on the issue. The time of this breaking news is almost four hours ago...
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    Fake Missing Person List By the Voice of Baloch Missing Persons Organisation

    Maybe the list provided has only partially genuine cases and is partially based on lies and fake entries to cover the terrorist under training or are operational - all such cases to be treated on merits and not just on ranting and howling of the relatives and political activists. IMO, most of...
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    Another Feather in Sharif Dynasty's and PML(N) Cap 🤦‍♂️

    This corrupt dynasty and party will never stay short to amaze the people of Pakistan to gather all feathers of crimes and corruption in their cap. Zardari aka Mr. 10 % seems to dwarf against Sharifs in corruption. Lahore court declares Suleman Shehbaz proclaimed offender in Rs16bn money...
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    TLP - Ittna Sannata Kyon Hai, Bhai? / Brother, Why There Is So Much Silence?

    The open blasphemous remarks by Indian politicians in the media against Islam forced many Muslim countries to register their protest and condemnation, which even forced the Indian government on the back foot. One thing is seemed very irritating in the Pakistan scenario: TLP which always shows...
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    Real 'Yahoodi Agents are Exposed' in Pakistan. 'Great change': Israeli president says received delegation of Pakistani expats

    Time is exposing the true face of 'Yahoodi' Agents. Foreign conspiracy and intervention in Pakistan for regime change are exposed. This conspiracy will not only for the mentioned agenda - seems to big change for Pakistan's downsizing to 'proper' in respect to China & Russian containment and for...
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    Why did Pakistan fail to reform or implement the filters to prevent any wrongdoings since its birth?

    In holding dual perk jobs, we are always quick to react whenever there is a breach for retired armed forces personnel, on the other hand, miserably failed when a bureaucrat or businessman is installed for the same. The latest example is how the constitutional institutes themselves violate every...
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    The government of Pakistan will be run by criminals and thieves under the directions of an absconding, liar, thug, and convicted - From the UK

    Congratulation to Pakistanis as they will be governed by criminals, and thieves under the direction of a 'sick' liar, thug, and convicted absconder from the UK. Will the 'black sheeps' could take the sou motto and open the courts at midnight or they will abet as usual? PM, others meet Nawaz to...
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    'Pack Of Opposition' Tries To Build False Narrative Against Armed Forces Of Pakistan

    There are clips of General Bajwa's address in the Islamabad Security Dialogue where he seems to be opposing the government's policy on the following points. The 'Pack of Opposition' with the help of 'Blacksheeps in Media' and 'Nani Media's Cell' trying hard to build a false narrative by clipping...
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    Dirty Game of Politics, Where Human Lives Could Be Traded So Easily - Politicos Will Provide Simple & Easy Justice

    Nazim Jokhio's widow pardons PPP MPA, others in husband's murder case Shiren Jokhio in a video statement says she took the step 'for the safety of her children' Our CorrespondentMarch 30, 2022 Nazim Jokhio's tortured body was found in Memon Goth, a day after he filmed a group of foreigners...
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    Pre 'No Trust' Motion - Lesure Activities of PTI Dissident Lawmakers Under Trustworthy PPP/PMLN/JUIF AKA PDM

    How the dissident 'lawmakers' of PTI are living a leisure life in Marriot Hotel Islamabad, under 'safe custody' of PPP/PMLN/JUIF AKA PDM. These parties will represent all of us as the new face of Pakistan? A detailed V-Log:
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    Speculation: Maulana Fazal-Ur-Rehman Candidate Of Presidency of Pakistan

    There is speculation that Maulana Sahib will be the next probable president of Pakistan. Hope he will turn Pakistan into the real 'Islamic Republic of Pakistan'.
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    Opposition submits no-trust motion against PM Imran

    Opposition submits no-trust motion against PM Imran Nadir GuramaniPublished March 8, 2022 - Updated 5 minutes ago 14 Senior opposition lawmakers at the NA Speaker's chamber purportedly to submit the no-confidence motion. – DawnNewsTV screenshot A delegation of senior opposition lawmakers...
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    Nawaz Shareef is very sick - New medical report

    There is a new medical report that Nawaz Sahreef is very sick in UK. ALLAH SWT bless him with health if true else do justice with him. نواز شریف کی بغیر علاج برطانیہ سے واپسی ’شدید خطرناک‘ ثابت ہو سکتی ہے: میڈیکل رپورٹ شہزاد ملک بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، اسلام آباد 23 منٹ قبل ،تصویر کا...
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    Judges got immunity from questioning - assets beyond income means

    Bhabi of judiciary won the case - assets beyond income means سرینا عیسیٰ نظر ثانی کیس کا فیصلہ: سپریم کورٹ کی جانب سے ایف بی آر کو تحقیقات کا حکم دینا غلط تھا شہزاد ملک بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، اسلام آباد 29 جنوری 2022، 17:22 PKT اپ ڈیٹ کی گئی 47 منٹ قبل ،تصویر کا ذریعہASAD ALI TOOR سپریم کورٹ...
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    'Hope for Kashmiris': UNGA adopts Pakistan-sponsored resolution on right to self-determination

    A step more towards the solution of Kashmir and recognized by the world. Very few media houses reported this important development mostly gone 'un-noticed'. The main question is would such resolutions and recognition on international forums will change the fate of Kashmir? In past, no...

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