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  1. karan21

    Top Indian talent in Silicon Valley moves back home to join star startups Read more at: http://eco

    Top Indian talent in Silicon Valley moves back home to join star startups - The Economic Times NEW DELHI: Brain gain — of the top-of-the-line Silicon Valley variety. Top Indian talent is moving from globally iconic American technology companies to India's star startups. And homes are being...
  2. karan21

    Team Indus from India wins Google Lunar Xprize in the race to the moon

    With its Mars Orbiter, Mangalyaan, India scientists showed that they could stand head to head with their peers in the West. Indian entrepreneurs demonstrated today that they can also stand head to head with the best in the world. A tiny startup from India with no experience in robotics or space...
  3. karan21

    Modi govt attracting top Indian engineers from all over the world

    Samsung's think tank head Pranav Mistry keen to work with PM Narendra Modi AHMEDABAD: India-born computer scientist and all-round whiz kid Pranav Mistry, known for cutting-edge innovations focused on the fields of wearable technology and augmented reality among others, wants nothing more than to...
  4. karan21


    Elections are around the corner. Well we all talk about leadership and how Manmohan has been a failure but what would you do if you became the Prime Minister of India? Any crucial national decisions of national interest that you would push for. I'll start- I would cancel the MMRCA deal and...
  5. karan21

    Hamid Karzai hopes Pakistan will give transit route to India

    Hamid Karzai hopes Pakistan will give transit route to India KANDAHAR: Afghan President Hamid Karzai has expressed hope that Pakistan will provide access for a key transit route for trade between his land-locked country and India, underlining that commerce between the three nations is an...
  6. karan21

    India finally waking up in the Electronics sector(long way to go)

    BANGALORE: After missing the opportunity of inviting two consortiums to set up semiconductor foundries, state governments are showering incentives and schemes for the electronics and semiconductor companies to invest in their regions. The two consortiums, one including IBM, and the other...
  7. karan21

    Please tell your current city and duration of power cuts

    Hi, Recently there has been news about many states(Guj, Haryana, Kerela, Himachal, MP) in India actually becoming power surplus and Govt has firmed up plans to export 5000MW of surplus power by 2020. I would like inputs from everyone so we can figure out if this just a political stunt or...
  8. karan21

    1960s video showing Indian nuclear material production

    Atomic Fuel India - YouTube Didn't know India could do it back then. Interesting :smokin:
  9. karan21

    Madhya Pradesh wipes out power deficit in 3 years

    NEW DELHI: It took 5,000 young professionals, guidance from PricewaterhouseCoopers and dogged determination from officials to inject a performance-driven culture in an orthodox set up, but in barely three years, Madhya Pradesh has wiped out huge electricity shortages and losses in a rare success...
  10. karan21

    IGI airport gets world's second best airport award

    NEW DELHI: Indira Gandhi International Airport has been named the world's second best airport in the 25-40 million passengers category by the Airport Council International. The airport also has been adjudged as the fourth best in the world among 199 airports across all categories. A...
  11. karan21

    India should be Pakistan's largest trading partner: European Union

    ISLAMABAD: India, and not Europe, should enjoy the status of being Pakistan's largest trading partner in order to boost economic growth in the region, European Union Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark has said. Noting that the EU is Pakistan's largest trading partner at 8.2 billion euros...
  12. karan21

    Madhya Pradesh: From 'bimaru' to power surplus state

    BHOPAL: Once regarded as a 'bimaru' state, Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday morning gave an electric shock. While other states in the country are grappling with an increasing demand and diminishing supply energy-crisis situation, the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government on Tuesday claimed it is power...
  13. karan21

    2 for 109: India wants all prisoners back in lieu of Italian marines

    NEW DELHI: India could allow the two Italian marines accused of killing two fishermen to spend their jail term in an Italian prison if they are convicted of the charge, but Italy will need to extend such a benefit to some 109 Indian prisoners locked up in its jails. A senior home ministry...
  14. karan21

    Team Indus Moon rover

    Year after year isro has been delaying he Chandrayaan 2 mission to 2012 to 2013 to 2014 and still we haven't seen any real work being done. Maybe this is the reason why. Team Indus is building a moon rover that is supposed to take sensors and equipment on moon and rover should cover a distance...
  15. karan21

    Is Preferential Market Access justified?

    Is Preferential Market Access justified? | Business Standard Domestic manufacturing will reduce India's dependence on imports of electronics but may deprive access to the latest global products Ron Somers President, US-India Business Council "Many states with infrastructure and...
  16. karan21

    India to set up educational institutions in Africa: Anand Sharma

    NEW DELHI: India is working closely with Africa to enhance cooperation and will set up educational institutions in the continent, Commerce and Industry MinisterAnand Sharma said today. "We are committed to build Indian Institute of Foreign Trade campus in Uganda, and India Africa institute...
  17. karan21

    122 Billionares in India, fifth in the world

    Mumbai: India stands fifth among the top 10 countries with the largest number of billionaires with 122 and the number is expected double by 2022. “Mumbai has secured the 7th spot in the list of top global cities with a High Net Worth Individual HNWI population,” says Samantak Das...
  18. karan21

    Why to support congress? My view

    Well I have been on this website for along time and it is hard enough to find anyone who is a congress supporter. Modi is the big word now. But I have to make some points that why we should keep supprting congress even in 2014: 1. Scams 2009-2013. There were no big bang economic reforms...
  19. karan21

    Bihar beats India in growth rate at 12%.

    PATNA: Despite global economic slowdown and sagging domestic demand, Bihar has managed to record 11.95% annual growth rate, the highest among all the states, during the 11th Plan period. According to the Economic Survey 2012-13 tabled by deputy CM and finance minister Sushil Kumar Modi in the...

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