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  1. Battlion25

    Iran's President abandons CNN interview after Amanpour declines head scarf demand

    Iran's President abandons CNN interview after Amanpour declines head scarf demand By Eliza Mackintosh, CNN Updated 1551 GMT (2351 HKT) September 22, 2022 Lmao.. This is iconic but you gotta respect Raisi for this boss move
  2. Battlion25

    Emirate of Afghanistan forces (Can Ukraine live upto them)

    In Ukraine they wanna copy this model.. EU(As Pakistan) and Ukraine (As Afghanistan) this is the blueprint I remember reading an article on this in the western media how to copy the Pak-Afghan blueprint in Ukraine which is the tactics they are going with which is a blueprint used also to...
  3. Battlion25

    Yemen president transfers powers; Which strengthens the Yemeni ground forces including allied factions like STC, Giants brigade, 5th regional forces

    Yemen president transfers powers; Saudi offers billions in aid Analysts say developments offer glimmer of hope for country devastated by seven years of war. 7 Apr 2022 Yemen’s president says he has sacked his deputy and transferred his own powers to a presidential council, as Saudi Arabia...
  4. Battlion25

    Biden admits that a "new world order" is coming, implying that old world order is over including American hegemony

    Full video The world has shifted completely politically so much that it seems an entirely different world. “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen” - Lenin
  5. Battlion25

    The likely response to expect will be mass NATO deployments to east-europe with media flavor

    They will want to reassert themselves here and currently NATO-US has roughly 23.000 forces in east europe and these are weak numbers compared to the 100.000+ in the far-east sitting against China's eastern flank.. In total NATO has 73.000 forces in europe 40k in germany and 23k eastern europe...
  6. Battlion25

    A Russian incursion means cold war 2.0 and minor stragetic setback for the US and long term Ukraine-Russia rivalry in the pipeline

    The US has been chellenged in Europe and if the russians had walked away without an incursion this would have emboldened the Americans to fortify Japan, SK, Guam, Taiwan and Okinawa with more deployments but this comes as surprise and Russia annexation means an announcement of chellenge Russia...
  7. Battlion25

    The US world order has ENDED because it has been chellenged by Russia & China

    There is no world order right NOW but competition for the next world order between 3.. Multipolar SYSTEM can't last long without increasing tensions thru out the years hence someone has to ethablish themselves at the top.. 1. The Ukraine issues has shown NATO weaknesses because NATO happen to...
  8. Battlion25

    Why India has been forced into defensive posture against Pakistan (explaination thread)

    India has largely been quite and will remain to do so as long as Pakistan has significiant stragetic depth and it has something to do with military tactics on the ground.. 1. India's long term stragetic planning was based on their believe that they can overwhelm pakistan and this is where...
  9. Battlion25

    Things are becoming dangerous between UK and Russia as UK intercepts 4 Russian bombers over Scotland - A Russian message to UK

    This was designed as message to Johnson and Lizz Since they are deploying to east europe but this message could also backfire and trigger the brits into more vigilantism UK scrambles jets to intercept 4 Russian military planes PUBLISHED WED, FEB 2 20228:27 AM ESTUPDATED 2 HOURS AGO POINTS...
  10. Battlion25

    Kremlin reveals how it will respond to NATO deployments to Ukraine

    I had to edit my thread.. Russia is apparently sending more troops.. We will see how it develops https://www.rt.com/russia/546200-moscow-deploy-weapons-ukraine-guarantee/
  11. Battlion25

    I need to add a 3rd wife and this time I gotta try Gilgit Baltistan

    I am now married to one from Punjab and another one from KPK and I have previously tried a sindhi one but now it is time to try Gilgit Baltistan and all 3 from Kpk, Punjab and Sindhi are hot but I have never had Gilgit Baltistan so now Gilgit Baltistan is on the menu Anyone experienced with...
  12. Battlion25

    ‘Risk of conflict is real’ – NATO chief

    The diversion tactics didn't work out because they were banking on CSTO to instead get pre-occupied with the east hence they were behind the protesters and how did they achieve that on the eve of the talks there is alot of conspiracies regarding it but the whole thing just fizzled out and...
  13. Battlion25

    There is complete harmony between Pakistan and Afghanistan governments on this matter: DG ISPR

    The border fence across the Pakistan and Afghanistan Border was the need of the hour to regulate security, transport and trade, he said. “As per the devised mechanism under the regime regular movement of the masses is going on and it will be further enhanced with the passage of time,” he noted...
  14. Battlion25

    Putin removes slowly Western International NGOs and human activisit from Russia

    Russia orders closure of human rights group Memorial Prosecutors accused Memorial International, the country's oldest human rights NGO, of distorting history while investigating crimes committed under Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. Russia's Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the closure of...
  15. Battlion25

    General Saib from the Emirate of Afghanistan is winning hearts by visiting the citizens and workers in the city

    The tweet says ''So be it the servants of the people, I thank General Saib for his service to the people day and night and for his dedicated service'' Google translation.. His with the Badri 313
  16. Battlion25

    Russia issues warning about NATO expansion in Scandinavia - Threatens military action if Finland and Sweden join NATO

    Russia issues warning about NATO expansion in Scandinavia The possible inclusion of Sweden and Finland in NATO will have “serious” military and political consequences that won’t be left unanswered by Moscow, Russia’s Foreign Ministry has warned. The persistent attempts by NATO to “draw those...

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