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  1. nakodo

    Car bomb almost goes off in NYC

    Times Square bomb suspect arrested in New York BBC News - Man 'arrested' over attempt to bomb NY's Times Square Eric Holder: "We will not rest until everyone responsible is brought to justice" A man suspected of attempting to detonate a car bomb in New York City has been arrested. Faisal...
  2. nakodo

    Mumbai Attacks

    :sniper::sniper::sniper: Faggot Amjad Ali
  3. nakodo

    Getting Married

    Congratulations GB. Wish you a happy married life. Hope Ms Fatima will allow us the privilege of hearing more from you in the future.:partay:
  4. nakodo


    Old guard
  5. nakodo


    From Ashok Leyland stable:
  6. nakodo


    RH LH
  7. nakodo


    Over in China.. OT but nice to see Pakistan
  8. nakodo

    Indian navy's Project 17-A

    ^ Probably because VLS Brahmos arrived on the scene much later (18/12/08), to make changes in the ship.
  9. nakodo

    India, Pakistan troops exchange fire

    SuperM, The point was made when an irrational member posted an irrelevant photo to press on his malicious agenda. Please dont quote me out of context. I am the last person to need lessons in what is acceptable and what is not.
  10. nakodo

    India, Pakistan troops exchange fire

    ^ Thats why they won the Oscars dolt! Batman & the rest of you gang if you hate India so much you should know why the world hates Pakistan
  11. nakodo

    Car bomb almost goes off in NYC

    DAWN.COM | World | Pakistan Taliban group claims NY bomb attempt WASHINGTON: An Internet video purportedly from Pakistani Taliban group, Tehreek-e-Taliban, claimed responsibility for the car bomb attempt in Times Square in New York, the US monitoring service SITE said Sunday. Posted on...
  12. nakodo

    India, Pakistan troops exchange fire

    If patman insists on hindi then he should be ok with chamgaadad I guess
  13. nakodo

    India, Pakistan troops exchange fire

    And they both originate in India & find their way into British homes.
  14. nakodo

    Indian Army News & Discussions

    ^ Harop perhaps.
  15. nakodo

    China protesters block railway, fight police

    ^ But that is how it sounded As if the fact that so many died is mitigated by their being Tibetan. Are you Tibetan? Oh ofcourse you are Hubei which would be South East China, faaar away from Tibet.
  16. nakodo

    Its Official: JXX is going to test fly in the next few days

    You are assuming a very simplistic scenario where the fighter flies in a straight line into a single radar base. Usually there are multiple radars and there is no straight line flight. So side aspect is important. Once done with the mission if a fighter wants to return safely even rear aspect is...

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