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  1. Han-Tang

    India has terminated services of three officials of Indian Air Force (IAF) for March 9 accidental firing of a Brahmos missile

    and they said it‘s a huge success, why kick them out of the military for success?
  2. Han-Tang

    India May Import Wheat in Blow to Modi Goal of Feeding World

    First, they said they were going to vaccinate the world and failed, then they said they were going to feed the world and failed again. LOL
  3. Han-Tang

    Taiwan youtuber said Turkey is secretly helping Taiwan to develop military drones

    and China can sanction those entities and personnel.
  4. Han-Tang

    Taiwan Shows Its Air Power To China

    IDF? I don't fly?
  5. Han-Tang

    China, Russia walk out during Japan's remarks at ASEAN-related meeting

    Unfortunately, it's still a Might is right world. Fortunately,China has more and more might to protect its right.
  6. Han-Tang

    China, Russia walk out during Japan's remarks at ASEAN-related meeting

    thanks for your country‘s lesson, LOL
  7. Han-Tang

    China, Russia walk out during Japan's remarks at ASEAN-related meeting

    I'd rather call it "kill the chicken to warn the monkey".
  8. Han-Tang

    Chinese Vivo officials flee India

    Indian gov is so desperate that they rob foreign companies to get their US dollar, their foreign currency reserve down to the lowest level, and they just announced a funny policy of Settlement in Indian Rupees. what India has can force other countries to trade with the rupee?cowdung?
  9. Han-Tang

    Why U.S. Wants Detente with China?

    no, they don't wanna detente, they just wanna have a break and attack again.
  10. Han-Tang

    Iran, Russia, China To Run War Drills in Latin America

    according to a report by the Center for a Secure Free Society, a think tank that tracks malign regimes. fake news
  11. Han-Tang

    China's high-speed trains reach speeds of 350 kilometers per hour

    again the thread was ruined by some supapawa
  12. Han-Tang

    Indian Navy has questions on China’s new aircraft carrier Fujian

    It's too hard to explain such high-tech to some IQ 82 SUPAPAWA
  13. Han-Tang

    China Invites 13 Countries to 'BRICS Plus' Summit in Beijing !

    PIIGS your country Greece is already in a club of loser countries
  14. Han-Tang

    China surpasses US in the eyes of young Africans, 76% names China as a foreign power with a positive influence on their lives,survey shows

    Indians have the same defect as Americans, they like to make decisions for others, even though they don't have the same strength as the US. A beggar imperialist, so laughable!
  15. Han-Tang

    US is overestimated. China is underestimated

    and you become superpower in the future,2012,2020, 2050……what's next,2250?

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