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  1. JK!

    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    No matter what side you’re posting from my thanks to the various members sharing news from twitter and other sources here It’s more useful for me to come here than a UK news source as the bias and propaganda is unreal and in overdrive. At least I can get some idea of the situation here.
  2. JK!

    Pakistan Army APC Inventory

    FNSS are offering upgrades to the M113 to A4 standard. Is this something Pakistan could consider?
  3. JK!

    Purana Pakistan - News and Updates

    Yet again there is no pride to be had in saying I’m from Pakistan if living abroad. Saw on the CPEC Facebook page today that a £100000 advertisement campaign has been started by the Pakistan government on London’s buses featuring a picture of both Nawaz Sharif and Shebaz Sharif. Just left me...
  4. JK!

    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    1. These were local Council elections not national elections for Parliament. 2. It was a labour government that was in power for war in Iraq and Afghanistan. 3. The general feeling in the UK is that Boris’ performance with regards to Ukraine is the only positive thing about his premiership.
  5. JK!

    Pakistan today conducted a successful test of Fatah-1 - ISPR

    Outstanding support potential for the infantry. British Army used the GMLRS in Afghanistan nicknamed it the 70km sniper. Taking a combined arms approach to operations by having forward observers from artillery attached to infantry patrols to call this in as and when needed is a game changer...
  6. JK!

    Pakistan Army Aviation Corps - Updated

    After latest defence cuts in UK they’re getting rid of some of the Puma fleet around 20 I think and the entire Hercules fleet. Could it be considered an option for Pakistan similar to the Sea Kings for the Navy?
  7. JK!

    Not sure if this has been answered but I’m 90% sure the anti material rifle picture you posted...

    Not sure if this has been answered but I’m 90% sure the anti material rifle picture you posted in the Pakistan Army news thread is a South African Denel NTW 20.
  8. JK!

    Pakistan Navy has 2 new Swiftship corvettes on order

    @Quwa Given the different vessel types that will enter service what roles will each play? Eg is F22P going to be assigned general purpose duties and Type 54 air defence?
  9. JK!

    Pakistan Navy’s 2300 Tons OPVs launched by Damen

    Most countries that ordered the Sigma in either Corvette or frigate versions initially placed orders for 2 like Pakistan and have subsequently placed follow up orders. Do you think it’s likely Pakistan will do the same?
  10. JK!

    Pakistan Navy’s 2300 Tons OPVs launched by Damen

    Are these essentially the Sigma class corvettes? Seems to be a successful design it’s also in service with Indonesia, Morocco, Romania and Mexico.
  11. JK!

    Capabilities of PAF Dassault MIRAGE-III/V.

    This is my point exactly. What munitions and weapons could we partner with this platform and who can we work with on this? For example for naval missions we could partner with Ukraine to integrate the Neptun cruise missile. We’ve worked with South Africa to integrate the Raptor series of bombs.
  12. JK!

    Capabilities of PAF Dassault MIRAGE-III/V.

    Having an aircraft to act as a heavy duty bomb truck is one thing and I would favour the JH7A for this reason for starters but with the increased ranges and capabilities of modern SAMs this then needs to be combined with long range precision stand off weapons. Looking at the aircraft is just...
  13. JK!

    PAF F16-Blk70 possibly coming - TO BE CONFIRMED

    No official source or statement to support this so will err on side of caution and wait till it actually happens. Not questioning @Khafee character or integrity until I see it I remain sceptical. I remember a few years back on the forum my excitement at the initial F16 order and then President...
  14. JK!

    What can Pakistan can purchase to improve air defense?

    Could build a gun based Air Defence capability. The OTOMATIC turret has a 76mm gun latest version is DRACO turret. Made by Italy whom Pakistan has a good history of weapon purchases. Chinese systems like LD2000 for point defence and truck mounted PG99 Guns.
  15. JK!

    Pakistan Navy’s Blue Water Ambitions Navy

    South Korea is only just now transitioning to having a Blue Water Navy inducting AEGIS Destroyers and Dokdo class LPHs. Most of their programs were initiated in mid 2000s to build new submarines, destroyers, frigates and advanced amphibious warfare capabilities. I think theirs is a good...
  16. JK!

    Pakistan Army's T-129 ATAK Helicopter Deal | Updates & Discussions.

    Is there scope to integrate the avionics and weapon systems of the ATAK into Z10ME as a platform? That way if in the long Pakistan and Turkey can see if French Safran or Polish PZL engines could be integrated into ATAK for the long term whilst still having Z10ME as an interim solution
  17. JK!

    Pakistan Air Force | News & Discussions.

    https://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/how-old-f-15-just-might-kill-russias-new-stealth-su-57-25893 What are the chances of looking at something like this to boost the capabilities of JF17? Not necessarily by procurement from the US but developing such a capability with friendly nations...
  18. JK!

    Capabilities of PAF Dassault MIRAGE-III/V.

    @denel https://www.africandefence.net/project-carver-emerges-from-the-shadows/ Fascinating article. I’m gutted you guys never went all the way with this. Would love it if this level of knowledge and technology was shared with Pakistan for Project Azm and also for bringing up the Mirage Fleet...
  19. JK!

    J-10C A sole international market for China's J-10 fighter jets is taking shape

    https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/pakistan-became-a-j-10bs-first-overseas-buyers-half-price-for-f-16.123723/ Been debated before dude. Remember at the time I was quite excited as I thought it would pave the way for Pakistan to free itself from dependency on F16s as the J10/FC20 could mature and be...
  20. JK!

    Saudis Testing JF17? Myth or Truth

    See post 24

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