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  1. indianpatriot

    India's brand war with Japan in India.

    Japan as a brand is biggest in India especially auto sector, so it looks like Indian companies have started a new brand war with Japan in India. I'll post more such ads.
  2. indianpatriot

    Four White Americans on a Scooter in India

    interesting video ..India in 1999!
  3. indianpatriot

    Who exactly are Aryans?

    Aryans - "the noble ones" according to Hindu Scriptures are men and women of Ind0-European or Indo-Iranian origins to be more precise. Now,that Nazi idiot claimed himself to be ARYAN and used Hindu Swastika as his symbol.But the gene R1a1a or the gene of people of Indo-Iranian origin is...
  4. indianpatriot

    Government Buildings .Guess the province?

    this is CM's residence of a well known Indian State.
  5. indianpatriot

    Surya missiles-16000km range ICBMs of India

    According to the report, the Surya is an intercontinental-range, surface-based, solid and liquid propellant ballistic missile. The report further adds that Surya is the most ambitious project in India's Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme.The Surya is speculated to have a range...
  6. indianpatriot

    Why Indian Army Tanks lack AC and Night capabilties?

    Every one says that India has advanced tanks like T-90 and Arjun MBT but I have just came to know from MISSION ARMY NAT GEO that most of them lack AC to operate in scorching heats and freezing colds and Advanced Night operational Capability? Why then we are using them?
  7. indianpatriot

    The Other India

    nice SBI documentary in collaboration with Discovery Channel!
  8. indianpatriot

    Census 2011 and Ethnic Groups of India

    Its has been noticed by me that people questioning the Indianans of various Indians.He looks like and Indian and he doesn't based on the stereotypes hey have in their mind.For the first time I have tried to classify it on PDF to clear all the doubts at once....for Indian do mention which Ethnic...
  9. indianpatriot


    A polygamous man from India has earned himself the world record for the biggest family. Ziona Chana, 66, has a record 39 wives, 94 children, 14-daughters-in-laws and 33 grandchildren. This brings the total number of family members to an astonishing 181 people. Chana lives with his family in...
  10. indianpatriot

    Murder of history in Pakistan

  11. indianpatriot

    The Kashmiris who are no more there!

    The original name of Kashmir is Kashyap-Pura which means land of Kashyap, a Hindu. Indians, who despite being majority in India didn't declare India a Hindu country and who have a rich historical and cultural links with the land, have all the moral right to retain Kashmir and...
  12. indianpatriot

    Lethal beasts of USAF!

    Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II
  13. indianpatriot

    Changing shades of JLN Stadium

    JLN Stadium is South Asia's 3rd largest stadium in size and best outdoor stadium by infrastructure and facilities. :victory::victory::victory:
  14. indianpatriot

    Delhi Eye for Commonwealth Games

    ?? ???? ?? ???? ?????? ?????
  15. indianpatriot

    Mahatma and a Pakistani Woman-Rediscovery

    watch all parts!
  16. indianpatriot

    Rahman did it again!

    cheers...its a moment to proud of being an Indian!!
  17. indianpatriot

    Dwarka Civilization

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