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    Iranian Navy | News and Discussions

    Wow a good footage of VLS system behind commander bridge
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    Iranian cars ... Gonna buy if available?

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    Iranian Navy | News and Discussions

    Khalije fars is a training ship with displacement of 5000 tons not a destroyer class name, yes Artesh has their own plans but not enough budage
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    Iranian Navy | News and Discussions

    In the next ten years irgc navy will build >10 corvette from soleymani class corvette and build its first frigates and interduce its future destroyer concept
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    Iranian Air Defense Systems

    These trucks have been imported from czech republic last year.
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    The end of the deal, hopes, delusions and treasons

    Two tunnel which are under the construction near the natanz and isfahan nuclear enrichment sites. According to Dimension of IR9 centrifuges, these tunnel set for enrichment with these type of centrifuges
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    Iranian military engine development news and updates

    It seems iran working on the core of the CFM56 turbofan engine to develop a heavy weight turbofan engine for its fighterjet programme in the future
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    Iranian Space program

    In the case of the American jews and their tendency, i'm totally agree with you.spacially in the swing states like MI
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    Iranian Navy | News and Discussions

    Iran navy future corvette in qatar defensive exhibition

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