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    How far has the Saudi defense industries reached, and are they close to localizing 50% of them according to Vision 2030?

    What specific niche sectors is Saudi Arabia prioritizing in its localization strategy?
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    Indonesia, UAE ink agreement on defense industry development

    I don't think the UAE would purchase more than one. PT PAL's landing platform docks have a crew of around 125 people, and the UAE has a history of struggling to man its naval platforms. Not even their largest corvettes come close to that number of crew requirements!
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    Indonesia, UAE ink agreement on defense industry development

    It seems that they also signed an MoU for the purchase of an Indonesian Landing Platform Dock, which would add significant capabilities to the UAE Navy. "...exchange of MoUs on cooperation between the Indonesian Military and the Indonesian Domestic Defense Industry and the Landing Platform Dock...
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    UAE triggers 80-aircraft Rafale contract

    Thanks, this is helpful!
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    UAE triggers 80-aircraft Rafale contract

    What will it take for the UAE to get the F-35? Does the US expect the UAE to cut or downgrade its security ties with China? Also, how relevant is the Huawei factor? I have a hard time thinking that the UAE will bow to those requests... Also, my understanding was that the US was unwilling to...
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    Russia-UAE eye win-win Su-75 stealth fighter deal

    The UAE didn't get the F-35 because the US is uncomfortable with the growing security cooperation between the UAE and China; I don't think it has anything to do with Israel. Specifically, the US is very concerned about (1) telecommunications network 5G equipment obtained from Huawei, which the...

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