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    Type 00X/003 (former Type 002) Aircraft Carrier News & Discussions

    Can i just say that Fujian is an amazing and historic chinese achievement, no other country actually matched the US carriers since WW2. What they need now is numbers, they need to churn these out like hotcakes (as far as supercarriers are concerned of course) in steadily improved models, maybe...
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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    Regarding an iranian AIM-7 copy, surely give the advances in technology and especially the experience in creating all these new SAM systems, motors, warheads, seekers etc. they can get perhaps 80-100km range out of such an up to date AIM-7 copy? Actually that 9th Dey missile also looks like a...
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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    Interesting but is this at a defence expo, or perhaps just a modelling expo, there's some biplane model in the backround. Perhaps it's just some what-if F-20 in iranian colours made by a modeller? At any rate that single engine, twin tail, mid wing F-5 derivative i posted earlier actually looks...
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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    If you or someone finds it would be interesting to see it. Just some comments, i certainly don't agree with the over-optimism by some of you of iranian capability to build brand new F-5s and so on, but even upgrading the 60 F-5s with new avionics and airframe SLEP would be a great...
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    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    Hi there, Is it this one? Got couple more angles saved on my computer. https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/%C2%AB-saegeh-%C2%BB-an-iranian-twin-fin-derivative-of-the-f-5-fighter.3399/

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