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    Need prayers for my Mammu

    Dear brothers, sisters, friends and members i think of many of you as my own family with great sadness my Mammu has passed away in karachi, Pakistan yesterday due to heart issues whom i was very close to. I kindly ask if you can please pray for him in the highest place in Jannah Ameen. P.S ...

    ~ Eid Mubarak to all PDF members that celebrate ~

    ~ Eid Mubarak to you all and your families and may ALLAH shine his blessings upon you all AMEEN ~

    Prayer for my family member !!

    Dear Members, Usually i do not open a thread or post something very personal regarding me or my family but i have in the past and i am again requesting for your prayers as i think of many of you as part of my own family . A family member of mines has been burtually murdered in karachi i can...

    Prayers needed for my family relation that has passed away !!

    Guys my nani's sis has passed away she was in alot of pain please pray that may ALLAH grant her way in to jaanat and may ALLAH help ease our familes pain thankyou so much GOD bless you all . Regards, TOPGUN>>

    Please pray for my chachi/aunt - she passed away

    I usually don't post my personal / family agendas here but iam posting this becuase i need all of your prayers and i think of you all has my second family so iam seeking and asking for your prayers today ..my caachi /aunt has passed away in Pakistan .. she was in alot of pain plzz pray that may...

    Jews force Turkish tourists to undress recite Quran

    Things are gone heat up even more between Turkey & Israel .

    Flood relief for our people in Pakistan!

    Guys as we all know the hardhship that the people of Pakistan facing as it is and now with the floods making it very hard for the poor in small towns and cities . I was just wondering some of you had helped out in the last flood relief work and took donations and bought and took supplies to the...

    I have reached my 5000 hopefully several more thousand to go :)

    I have reached my 5000 hopefully several more thousand more to go :yahoo: i want to thankyou for having me and want to thank the ones that i have come so close to now as my own family pdf in general is a family to me now second to my own family ... i just want to say thanks and want you all to...

    Prayers for everyone!

    Dear Members, Guys forgive me for opening this thread and i don't mean to take up space but i felt as this is important to me. As you know we are still in the holy month of ramadan which is coming close to a end and yesterday was the bari raath (Big Night) for prayers i have prayed for all...
  10. TOPGUN

    Key targets for both sides

    In case of all out war GOD fogive! wat will be key targets in both Pakistan & India for air strikes?
  11. TOPGUN

    Wat do you guys think about F-2 & ****-1?

    Japan self defence f-2 fighter & Taiwan's fck-1 fighter your views plzz.
  12. TOPGUN

    Pakistan coast guard & maritime force!

    Guys does any one have pic's of our Coast guard or maritime force? :pakistan:
  13. TOPGUN

    Would be nice if we can still show our flags!

    Dear admin ,mods and members i would like to suggest if we can still keep our country & location flags other then that i love the new changes on board will anyone agree with me here?? :what:
  14. TOPGUN

    PAF movie?

    Wat do u guys think about a movie based on PAF or a movie that has PAF involvement ? :pakistan:
  15. TOPGUN

    Wat will replace the A-5's??

    Guys A-5's were used as close ground support and bomber roles wat will we get after we phase/retd them out your views plzz .
  16. TOPGUN

    India has given Pak time till Dec 26: Stratfor report

    Lol we shall be waitng! the 26th it is :blah::disagree:
  17. TOPGUN

    Any of you guys on facebook?

    Any of u guys on facebook add me up love to have the team on my friends list ! you guys are great!! Adnan Waleed (TOPGUN):toast_sign:
  18. TOPGUN

    Karachi !!!!

    I hope these projects come true or are they too good to be true !!
  19. TOPGUN

    Check this out!!

  20. TOPGUN

    Top 10 Airforces of the world!!

    How would you guys rate the top 10 airforces and Pilots of the world in order! your views plzz.

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