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    Australian Troops Refused to Provide Security for Chinese Infrastructure and Businesses during Solomon Island Riots Last Year

    Looks like the security deal with Solomon Islands deal was absolutely needed. I wouldn't be surprised of the Australia and Taiwan secretly incited the riot along with US to begin with...
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    Indian Export to China Sharply Increases; Trade Gap Halves

    China is buying 8 times as many iron and steel from India as last year. That suggests massive infrastructure spending. Export to India is down by over a quarter, due to restrictions from Indian side...
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    Insider Info on Future of Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (J-11, J-15, J-16 and FC-31)

    News from dyztc (insider) regarding current projects going on at SAC: There won't be any major aerodynamic modification for J-16. Air force wishes to preserve the flight characteristics of Su-27 family. Changes will mostly be internal. There is a new variant of WS-10 being developed, but it's...
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    Modi Admits Chinese Troops Did Not Intrude In Deadly Clash

    It's pretty clear what had happened by this point, since Modi admitted no intrusion took place. Indian troops crossed into the Chinese side to dismantle a camp set up by China. They tore down the camp, set tents on fire, assaulted workers and damaged construction equipment. Large group of...
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    Vietnamese Tourists in Taiwan Gone Missing

    Everybody ran except the tour guide. Looks like a lot more black market labour and prostitutes will be hitting the streets of Taiwan soon. Mexicans of East Asia https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3604460
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    Buddhist monk attacked after being mistaken for a Muslim

    http://kval.com/news/local/buddhist-monk-apparently-mistaken-as-muslim-attacked-in-hood-river How stupid do you have to be when you can't properly identify the group you supposedly hate?
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    Vietnamese Land Reclamation in SCS

    With all the effort focused on China's island building, it's easy to overlook Vietnam's own reclamation program. They have been enlarging the reefs and islands they control for years, with quiet approval from the West. There is absolutely no reason to pay attention to Americans' selective...
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    Chinese man arrested for defrauding his 17 girlfriends

    Chinese man 'with 17 girlfriends' arrested for fraud - BBC News
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    HQ-9 test results from Turkish SAM (T-LORAMIDS) contract

    http:// news.ifeng.com/mil/2/detail_2013_10/12/30250811_0.shtml Key points for those that don't read Chinese: 1. HQ-9 has shorter range than S-300, but has faster response time (15 seconds) and engage more targets simultaneously. 2. Against conventional air targets, HQ-9 has greater range than...
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    Definitive shift in Chinese foreign policy

    Link: ±ØҪʱÓÃʵÁ¦Î¬»¤ºÍƽ·¢Õ¹»·¾³£¨Íûº£Â¥£©--ÒªÎÅ--º£ÍâÍø The entire article is too long to post here. It's from the oversea edition of People's Daily, the Chinese government's official news outlet. The red bolded part, most important in the article, roughly translates to: "China does not...
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    CEO of Shenyang Aircraft Corporation died onboard Liaoning

    Maker of J-15, SAC, lost its CEO today onboard Liaoning aircraft carrier the day after five J-15s successfully landed and took off from the ship for the first time. He was not able to attend the celebratory event after. The cause for death was cardiac arrest. He was treated onboard the ship and...
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    Second Chinese carrier construction announced; J-15 made carrier landing

    Both news are from official government media. 'We are ready to build more carriers' |Top News |chinadaily.com.cn ???-15????????? ???????_??_???
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    from People's Daily

    I'm not going to post the whole article which is quite long. Basically People's Daily posted a piece about Diaoyu Island dispute with Japan. In particular, Japan's recent move to "nationalize" the island. The ending of the article is particularly strong worded, similar to what was said to India...
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    Chinese military chief sliped out the true figure of defence spending

    In these two links, General Chen Bin De stated that China's defence spending is 800 billion in Chinese currency, which is equivilent to 126 billion USD. The official figure is 106 billion USD released by Chinese government few days ago. So he blurted out the budget is 20 billion more than...
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    Score! Largest copper reserve in China found in Tibet

    Link: ??????????????_????_????????? China has had a shortage on copper for the longest time, forcing the military to use steel to manufacture much of its ammunitions, especially for small arms. Steel round shells are bulkier as well as less precise. With the discovery of this, the problem can...
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    CAC head designer explains the capability of JF-17 at Dubai Airshow

    总设计师用英è¯*讲解æž*龙战机性能|2011年迪拜国际航空展|迪拜航展|æž*é¾™_新浪视频 A secondary link (thanks to...
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    1733 Members of PLAAF killed since 1949

    ¿Õ¾ü62ÄêÎþÉüÈËÊý´ïµ½1733Ãû ½ñÄêÔö4ÈË_ÐÂÀ˾üÊÂ_ÐÂÀËÍø Today is the 62nd anniversary of PLAAF. A total number of pilots and ground personal that died in the line of duty had reached 1733 since the formation of the air force in 1949. This year there had been 4 deaths. Their names are carved into...
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    Chinese government media respond to recent Libyan rebel comments

    The article below was published by Global Times yesterday. Global Times is a private media group in China, although it has significant degree of government connection. Most consider it a quasi-government news source. The Chinese government often uses it to publish things that are too politically...
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    Latest news regarding China's next generation fighter projects

    In no particular order, by huzhigeng: CAC didn't get all the projects. SAC also got its own 4th gen. Navy's 4th gen will be a competition between the two. Eventhough SAC has more experience with J-15, CAC will be looking to take their pie. Both design institutes have their proposals (for...

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