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  1. Spring Onion

    Catholics detained singing Xmas carols in Indian state

    Catholics detained singing Xmas carols in Indian state AFP•December 15, 2017\ https://www.yahoo.com/news/catholics-detained-singing-xmas-carols-indian-state-130013772.html Indian police detained dozens of Catholics singing Christmas carols for allegedly trying to convert people, officials said...
  2. Spring Onion

    China using secret tunnel to divert Brahmaputra water into desert

    Images show China may be using a secret tunnel to divert Brahmaputra water into desert COL. VINAYAK BHAT (RETD) 13 December, 2017 China blocks Brahmaputra completely | Vinayak Bhat Latest satellite imagery shows the river Brahmaputra disappearing into a 900 m underground tunnel in China...
  3. Spring Onion

    Russia to build first nuclear plant for Egypt

    Egypt, Russia sign contract to build Egypt's first nuclear plant
  4. Spring Onion

    Pakistani female powerlifter wins four gold medals in Singapore

    Pakistani flag flies high as female powerlifter wins four gold medals in Singapore By APP Published: December 9, 2017 441SHARES SHARE TWEET EMAIL PHOTO: ONLINE ISLAMABAD: Saniha Ghafoor, a Pakistani female powerlifter, secured four gold medals in the 57kg category at the Oceania Pacific...
  5. Spring Onion

    Sena threatens to cut off Deepika Padukone’s nose

    Padmavati row: Karni Sena threatens to cut off Deepika Padukone’s nose Sarv Brahmin Mahasabha submits signatures with blood, in Jaipur, to be sent to the Central Board of Film Certification, seeking ban on Padmavati. Updated: Nov 16, 2017 18:22 IST UP asks Centre to defer Padmavati release...
  6. Spring Onion

    Contractor who provided "proofs" against Ayesha Gulalai, shot dead

    Wooohh This is quiet disturbing development. The contractor who provided "proofs" of "corruption" by Ayesha Gulalai and leveled allegations of corruption against her has been shot dead today by unknown person/s in Lakki Marwat. The contractor Noorzaman was shot dead by unknown persons riding a...
  7. Spring Onion

    ECP rejects reference against Ayesha Gulalai

    Lo ge ECP rejects PTI plea to de-seat Ayesha Gulalai She will remain MP on PTI reserved seat.
  8. Spring Onion

    Hindustan Times termed Las Vegas shooter as Muslim

    Indian newspaper Hindustan times claimed the Las Vegas shooter was Muslim. it was later that HT apologizes for its frenzy tweet
  9. Spring Onion

    Trump "allows" Japan/SK to buy more weapons from US

    So Trump finally find a way to respond to North Korean H Bomb test and threat. Your thoughts please Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump I am allowing Japan & South Korea to buy a substantially increased amount of highly sophisticated military equipment from the United States...
  10. Spring Onion

    Iran bans 'UGLY' teachers: Women with facial hair and men with acne, scars and fewer than 20 teeth w

    Iran bans 'UGLY' teachers: Women with facial hair and men with acne, scars and fewer than 20 teeth will not be allowed in the classroom Iran issued the new controversial restrictions though the FARS news agency People witih colorblindness will be prevented from becoming art teachers Even...
  11. Spring Onion

    KpK transgender community celebrates Independence Day

    Today the KpK transgender community celebrated independence day of Pakistan at Peshawar Press Club. It was a wonderful scene @El Sidd @Arsalan
  12. Spring Onion

    Careem comes to Peshawar

    Just as I was going to Cantt for some important task, I saw Careem Peshawar convoy with flags fluttering on top of their taxi. Seems it had been launched in Peshawar today. Good step. welcome
  13. Spring Onion

    attack on army convoy in Peshawar

    A major is martyred and five injured in an attack on forces vehicle near Baghe Naran hayatabsd Peshawar today early morning.
  14. Spring Onion

    Pakistan considering Kulbushan-Mother meeting

    Pakistan considering Jhadav's mother's visa request, says Zakaria Authorities are looking into the request of Indian spy KulbushanJadhav’s mother to grant her a visa so that she could visit her son in prison, Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said on Thursday. In April this year...
  15. Spring Onion

    Indian censors want 'cow', 'Hindu' beeped in film

    Indian censors want 'cow', 'Hindu' beeped in film By AFP Published: July 13, 2017 34SHARES SHARE TWEET EMAIL PHOTO: THE DAILY STAR Indian censors have refused to certify a documentary film featuring Nobel prize-winning economist Amartya Sen unless words like ‘cow’ and “Hindu India” are...
  16. Spring Onion

    Chinese Engineer died in an accident in Abbottabad

    A Chinese Engineer died today due to an accident while working on infrastructure development in Abbottabad/KpK under CPEC project. A Chinese engineer fell down during construction work and got fatally injured. Later he sucummbed to his injuries. The accident happened at Motorway Section 2...
  17. Spring Onion

    India starts shelling Kotli Azad Kashmir as escalation with China heats up

    Here members as India China skirmish heats up Indian army has started shelling Azad Kashmit the areas which are targeted by Indian army includes Mohra, Dharoti Auli and Ghab in Nakyal sector. Here are some images of Indian shelling and damaging property of Civilians in Azad Kashmir
  18. Spring Onion

    Phased fencing of Pak-Afghan border begins

    By News Desk Published: June 20, 2017 197SHARES SHARE TWEET EMAIL PHOTO: ISPR Army announced on Tuesday the commencement of fencing on the Pak-Afghan border. “In line with the directions of COAS, phased fencing of entire Pak-Afghan border has commenced,” the military’e media wing said. “In...
  19. Spring Onion

    Indian Judge at ICJ biased towards Pakistan in KBJ case???

    Here here as we were talking about there is a Permanent Indian Judge at ICJ who is part of 11-member ICJ bench that is hearing case of Kalbhushan . The excitement and his statement to Indian media about the ICJ interim verdict when the matter is sub-judice taints the entire process ICJ...
  20. Spring Onion

    Masturbation: Notice by 'University of Balochistan Pakistan'

    A fellow has shared it do not know how true is the information but an interesting notice. Good one. every University public hotel and other such places should have.

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