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  1. Super Falcon

    SSG Commandos will induct Turkish MPT 76 Special Forces Varient kaan 717

    There are rumours from turkey I might be wrong that SSG Commandos of Pakistan army might get some KAAN 171 Assault rifle varient based on for special forces needs These might come handy as they needed something like HK 417 these are in comparison same to HK 417 and in some ways better than HK...
  2. Super Falcon

    Indian Navy to purchase South Korean KSS -III Submarines from Daewoo Shipbuilders

    Indian navy under the project P 75I after years of delays and main contanders such as France Germany and Russia pulled over their respective submarines which were initially offered to India. Now only South Korean KS III and Spanish S80 submarine are in competition Indian navy now desperately...
  3. Super Falcon

    German Lufwaffa Orders 35 F 35 Fighter jets with option of 15 more

    BERLIN, June 22 (Reuters) - Lockheed Martin (LMT.N) said on Wednesday it could deliver first F-35 fighter jets to Germany in 2026 and expects more orders for the aircraft in Europe as Greece and the Czech Republic have expressed significant interest. "You'll hear more about it soon," J.R...
  4. Super Falcon

    Zero Emission startup to be used in commercial and military aircraft of future

    German Rheinmetal tested successfully two hour flight with these zero Emission powered by litheon batteries on aircraft Hopefully we get rid of expensive oil usage through these tech on daily routine life This will also be beneficial for our environment due to dangerous gases which aircraft...
  5. Super Falcon

    Pakistan Navy in talks to procure ULAQ Unmanned surface Vehicles from Turkish Meteksen Defence Systems

    Pakistan Navy is interested in Turkish USV to boost up sea border surveillance and special missions with these ground breaking vessels. Will give PN to use them to counter sailors fatigue on long missions on Fast attack boats these are small and deadly hard to track by enemy radars only sea...
  6. Super Falcon

    Economy or military growth of Pakistan is important

    The big mistake was made by the rulers of past focusing only to strength military without taking lessons from past. Japan and Germans were at the peak in 40s as new super power of the world but vanished due to not giving importance to economy but creating huge military projects but both...
  7. Super Falcon

    Pakistan must change its tactics to kill non state actors with non state fighters

    Pakistan has to change its tactics which miserable failing for last 40 yrs We can't fight direct war with non state actors because if we kill them with state name on that weapon they get more stronger and use the common public emotions against our state USA RUSSIA doing it very well with no...
  8. Super Falcon

    Why armed forces not investing in locally manufacturing helicopters in Pakistan after succes of JF 17 project

    Why army Navy airforce not collectively investing in a utility helicopter project for all armed forces and law enforcement agencies We already seen fruitfull result of succesfull Thunder project and immense potential of exporting them to African countries I think helicopter is a backbone...
  9. Super Falcon

    HJ 12 E Anti Tank Next Gen Fire and forget missile launchers for Pakistan army

    Finally Pakistan has ordered these state of the art ATGMS which are the first to have fire and forget capability deadly than TOW and Alcotans of US and spain These are been copied from Javelian technology but has superior range and hit probability rate than javelan Pakistan is the first...
  10. Super Falcon

    Pakistan Vs Australia 2nd Test Still defensive captaincy Mindset of Misbah

    Why our fool batsman don't understand keep blocking not scoring runs sick of Azher Ali idiot takes too long even in 70s era players didn't took too long. Baber Azam should have scored more runs after playing 400+ runs still have defensive mindset Remember what Laxman David did after they get in...
  11. Super Falcon

    Work Permit Visa for germany

    Friends, I need a suggestion of you all respected members and friends regarding getting a work permit job in germany. One of my office collegue went to germany in january to visit his cousion. He told me there are work permit visa are available for countries like Malta Germany...
  12. Super Falcon

    Gaming News consoles and PC games

    Upcoming games and few remakes of unchartered nafia etc are coming best year for 2022 for game few playstation exclusives like forbidden west are coming too. God of war Regnork will be the biiger Mafia 1 remake a classic game Star wars a great game too but did any one layed mafia in...
  13. Super Falcon

    Which UAV is best?

    Which uav is best tb2 or some others
  14. Super Falcon

    India May Acquire T 14 Armata Ahead of Dec 6 Putin Visit to Counter imbalance in Tank warfare against pakistan

    There is news that indian Army Delegation was inRussia for Procurement of T 14 Armata to counter growing technological edge of pak VT 4 tanks along with T 80 upgrade and AK 3 india has good know how of russian tanks infastructre already in place Current western tankams do not match indian...
  15. Super Falcon

    How to tag friends on threads

    Please let me know how to tag friends im getting bumps on these there is no option for taging ur friens
  16. Super Falcon

    Indian Navy in talks with france for 2 mistral Class LHD Ships

    India is going to get these deadly ships which can increase indian naval ASW opertion far from its bases very inteligent decision to hunt pak sub far from its shore.
  17. Super Falcon

    Pak Marines Forgotten force

    Our focus is only on army upgradation but we forget most important force marines who fight in all three battlefields specilaized force but our marines are under armed When existing weapons such as al khalid apc etxc can be transfered without any more spending and why we have PMSA and coast...
  18. Super Falcon

    Misbah waqar curse for pak resigned

    Finally we got rid of them these basterds if i had any kind of power should have included in constitution that mani waqar wasim and misbah should be banned for ever for any type of cricket who ever seas them even talking about cricket is exmpted from any punishment after kicking these crimnal...
  19. Super Falcon

    What are the additional options for PAF EW and blinder squadron?

    In future EW will mke a huge impact as we know artificial intel is getting better abd there are drones cruise missiles killing them with air defence will be very expesive Russia in syria jammed cruise missile attack of israel and also jammed communication system of baykter drones on turkey in...
  20. Super Falcon

    Ehsan mani destroyed pakistan cricket

    Finally good news we got rid of sensless idiot ehsan mani who destroyed pakistan cricket by appoiniting worst cricket coach of entire cricketing history of past and of future misbah ul haq we were number 1 in T 20 4th in odi and 5 th in test match ranking When misbah was pak captain we all knew...

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