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    Sir PAF already have many VIP aircrafts so these are definitely for ELNET and SIGNET PAF now heavily focusing on EW suits jamming info gathering aircrafts was never been in service with PAF Sir please watch the channel and news he said pak subs will be getting zargana protection from turkey...
  2. Super Falcon

    Shahid Latif gets another software update (minor bug fix,)

    Don't take this guy serious he has no IQ I don't know how he get into PAF
  3. Super Falcon

    Salman Rushdie stabbed in New York. - Just in.

    He asked for it he lived his entire life in trauma what he said in 79
  4. Super Falcon

    No 17 ''Tigers'' Squadron First To Re-Equip With JF-17 Block-3

    Good induction pak must think of twin engine jets now
  5. Super Falcon

    Another Iranian Athlete Leaves Country For Good

    Humanity atleast prevail and you can speak your mind out in EU right or wrong ALLAH KAREEM gave a right to question every human what ever I understood if there is no questions no clearlity in mind so in our states you can't question the status quo
  6. Super Falcon

    Fan Account of Air Marshall Shahid Latif becomes a disgrace

    W if he what data I have he has how just thunder better than rafale tomorrow he says thunder is better than raptor do u agree he says it becoz just HE HE HE was involved in thunder development so this is why becoz of himHE HE HE was involved thunder is best
  7. Super Falcon

    SSG Commandos will induct Turkish MPT 76 Special Forces Varient kaan 717

    Mpt 76 has varient for 5.56.46 nato rounds as well Last gun tested was a complete failure BW 10 Was a stupid idea just giving same G 3 few modification still it's G 3 world is not mad or fool designing completely new gun to replace them News is KAAN 717 will be bought in armoud 200 carbines...
  8. Super Falcon

    Fan Account of Air Marshall Shahid Latif becomes a disgrace

    This guy don't understand a bit if air warfare when he said JF 17 better than rafale
  9. Super Falcon

    Pakistan UAVs News & Discussions

    Because fact is what ever satellites we have are on leased we use them partially china has total control over their functions we never designed or sent any satellite yet
  10. Super Falcon

    Rafale jets are not enough to face Pakistani JF 17: Shahid Latif

    Mr Shahid Latif India has more options get out of day dreams Rafales are second to none your beloved lockhead martin corp has offered India their best F 35 ightning II
  11. Super Falcon

    Japan: Pakistan forces India to buy Lockheed F-35 fighter jets

    F 35 India only order in war time on urgency basis if needed prime focus is rafale current Iaf chief remarks
  12. Super Falcon

    Indian Navy to purchase South Korean KSS -III Submarines from Daewoo Shipbuilders

    You just nailed let them deny good for us they should put blind eyes on this so in war time every scorpene subs we destroy on our will How our navy without any waste of energy detect you subs the signature of sub is badly leaked oropeler sound waves coordinates are leaked bro wake up sid subha...
  13. Super Falcon

    Indian Air Force News & Discussions

    Problem is seeing everything from pakistani lens we see every indian achievement is bad fact is realizing our mistakes learn from enemy denying won't help us much Lockhead Martin corporation has offered indian govt to sell it's F 35 Lightning ⚡ II jets to India
  14. Super Falcon

    Is Indian Aircraft Carrier a Big Threat for Pakistan Navy?

    Yes this is why pakistan navy needs dedicated twin engine jets to carry heavy anti ship missiles Mig 35 might be answer to take on Vikrant aircraft from above and yuan underwater operation at same time
  15. Super Falcon

    Mechanised Divisions Pakistan Army

    Korkut short range air defence system may be bought by army for cheap drones neutrality
  16. Super Falcon

    Pakistan Army | News and Discussions

    Pakistan army considering to buy short range SPAAG gun for armoured and infantry division protection from armed drones and attack helicopters
  17. Super Falcon

    SSG Commandos will induct Turkish MPT 76 Special Forces Varient kaan 717

    Yes but some day they have to do it mpt 76 looking good to do the job for infantry
  18. Super Falcon

    Pakistan-Turkey 4 Milgem Ada Class Corvettes Contract - Construction started

    PN buying ulaq USV with these as support boats and few FNSS Amphibious vehicle for marines in future

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