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  1. desiman

    Disappointed Pakistanis

    ohh please there we go again, anything that does not happen as per your wishes is the work of either the US or the jews or Indians etc. PTI supporters were the elite or the youth, the rest of the middle and lower middle class was still pretty much behind Nawaz.
  2. desiman

    Disappointed Pakistanis

    Maybe once Pakistanis like you stop living in the world of their own, will Pakistan actually progress. Until then delusional people like you will continue to hold the country back. Stop being so obsessed with India and maybe for once since 1947 think about Pakistan.
  3. desiman

    Disappointed Pakistanis

    denial and illusions as always, you really had to throw in the bit about the "victory in Kargil", how about you focus on Pakistan for a change rather than your delusions.
  4. desiman

    Army chief slams Pakistan for playing a double game

    isnt that what you said before 1971 ?
  5. desiman

    My take on the recent escalation in Kashmir and the Long-march. Thougts?

    Lol you guys can barely hold your country together and you are still dreaming of breaking India !!!!! Obsession much ? Seems like you are more obsessed with hurting India than improving Pakistan. You have been at it since 1947 and it has only led your country into the ditch, its time you knock...
  6. desiman

    Sachin Tendulkar retires from ODI cricket

    Beaten us in a world cup match yet ? Ohh wait remember the beating he gave you in 2003, ended Shoaib, Wasim and Waqar's career in one fellow swoosh :)
  7. desiman

    Space Pacts to put Indo-Russian ties in still higher orbit

    lol thats what some of our friends really want to think, they think Russia will let go of India for a country that's a bigger liability than any other out there lol.
  8. desiman

    Sahara group takes over New York's iconic Plaza hotel

    :flame: someone is burning lol
  9. desiman

    Time to Hang Sarbajit Singh ?

    and you are a moderator ??????? Thats why I dont bother much with this forum anymore, you are comparing a person who killed hundreads of people to someone who have been "accused" of spying with no real proof ? People like you are the reason India and Pakistan are where they are today in terms...
  10. desiman

    Homosexuals of Pakistan

    morals ? so you get to decided on what is moral now ? Yup bring in India and the usual garbage talk, typical troll.
  11. desiman

    Homosexuals of Pakistan

    who are you to call these people misguided ? Thats the problem with Pakistan, too many moral police hounds running around in the pretext of religion.
  12. desiman

    Should Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh be respected by Pakistanis?

    Dont really care of Pakistanis respect them or not, makes no difference. 1 Billion Indian adore them :)
  13. desiman

    Ranger Rover Luxury cars come to Pakistan Assembly

    Range Rover is owned by Tata, therefore it is an Indian company. The same logic applies to the likes of Lenovo etc. Just because you dont like the truth doesnt mean its not.
  14. desiman

    S&P: India may become first BRIC nation to lose investment grade

    why not make it BRPC and add Pakistan in there as well. Hey if your trolling might as well go the whole way.
  15. desiman

    Pakistan summons US envoy, lodges protest drones attacks

    Keep calling the envoy's, its not like the US really cares anyways.
  16. desiman

    Saif, Kareena will marry on October 16

    Who gave you the right to define who a muslim is ??? Are you Allah ?
  17. desiman

    Is the India growth story over?

    lol we are still growing at over 8% so I dont see the point of this thread.
  18. desiman

    India's Superpower Delusions

    this forum is so stale now, same old **** again and again. That is why i have stopped writing on it, recommend to every Indian member to stop also.
  19. desiman

    Will Indonesia replace India in the BRICs?

    lol sure, might as well make it BRICP then and add Pakistan in it as well. Hey if we are talking rubbish why stop at India ???
  20. desiman

    Zaid Hamid - Iqbal Zinda Rood !!!

    what a joker lol

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