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  1. Tiki Tam Tam

    Anti-militant protests in Pakistan's Neelum valley

    Everyone is tiring of this senseless issue.
  2. Tiki Tam Tam

    The enigma of Bangladesh-India relations

    A commentary on the Indo Bangladesh relationship. The positives and the negatives that rue this relationship. One wonders what is the answer.
  3. Tiki Tam Tam

    Govt filing cases ‘to keep BNP leaders from polls’

    Read in conjunction with the Thread 'Understanding Bangladesh'. Is this democracy? I am surprised that the political parties of Bangladesh can fool the people all the time! Bangladeshi are real innocent people, I must say.
  4. Tiki Tam Tam

    Understanding Bangaldesh

    This is a good commentary from a leading Bangladeshi newspaper as to what ails Bangladesh and its politics of thrust and parry. It indicates that Bangladesh's interest is not paramount to either of the leading political parties. It is merely the intent to stay in power, by hook or by crook and...
  5. Tiki Tam Tam

    Jail for refusal to remove burqa in Australia

    Here we go again.
  6. Tiki Tam Tam

    Rainbiw Warrior Greenpece Flagship handed over to Bangladesh

    Yesterday, August 16 at 4pm Singapore time, the Rainbow Warrior - the Greenpeace flagship - was handed over to the organisation Friendship, a Bangladesh based NGO which specialises in medical care and emergency relief. The Rainbow Warrior has been renamed "Rongdhonu", Bengali for Rainbow. The...
  7. Tiki Tam Tam

    UN issues warning on Pakistan polio rates

    Polio is an avoidable disease. It is essential to educate the people of the dangers of polio. There are many who think that the drops given can have adverse effects and hence do not immunise their children.
  8. Tiki Tam Tam

    Mob justice over legal processes

    Given the political scenario of the country where the two largest political parties are more keen to settle scores, the lumpen elements are taking over and administering 'vigilante justice'. It is possibly time for the political parties to be more concerned about the future and the good of...
  9. Tiki Tam Tam

    Process to hand over Anup Chetia begins

    A very positive action by the Bangladesh Govt. India should have no hesitation in starting the process to hand over those who have taken shelter in India.
  10. Tiki Tam Tam

    Poor Papiya's predatory pranks pauperizes proceedings!

    Poor Papiya's predatory pranks pauperizes proceedings!
  11. Tiki Tam Tam

    Abu Taher and the Supreme Court of Bangladesh (PART 1)

    Abu Taher and the Supreme Court of Bangladesh (PART 1) Thirty-five years ago a man who many of us knew, respected and admired was executed at Dhaka Central Jail. As in years past we have gathered -- some for the first time and others who have previously attended memorials -- so that we can...
  12. Tiki Tam Tam

    Annual Audit Report to EC: 21 of 38 parties oblige; BNP among defaulters

    Party fund audit is an important factor to oversee a fair and just elections where technically malpractices through proscribed manner of use of fund would be curbed. It is good to find that the large majority of political parties have submitted their audit report for EC scrutiny. It...
  13. Tiki Tam Tam

    It's amnesty time in KL

    The Bangaldeshi, one has to concede are very enterprising and one learns from these type of reports in the media the world over, as to how many of them brace the odds, including detection and humiliation just to ensure that they are gainfully employed and make a meaning for their life. As the...
  14. Tiki Tam Tam

    Birangonas are a part of the war story

    Gives an insight into the psyche. Even the interview is an interesting take!
  15. Tiki Tam Tam

    Dilemma of middle and poor classes

    This is the situation that is affecting all countries and there seems to be no answer. Some have lesser problems and some greater. Whatever, the common man still suffers. The Govts trot out fancy statistics on the rising GDP and all that, but the inflation and rise in food prices and...
  16. Tiki Tam Tam

    Honoring Mrs Indira Gandhi

    An interesting take from Bangladesh. She was able to mobilise world support, except for 'Tricky Di.ck' Nixon who described her with some colourful language! And then failed to scare her with his 7th Fleet! And Bangladesh was born!
  17. Tiki Tam Tam

    Devastation by Rivers

    Erosion by the rivers during the monsoons is a real problem, not only in Bangaldesh but also in Bengal. So much of money is spent to build embankments, but the fury of the river takes them all. One wonders if there is any answer. There should be or else thousand suffer every year and...
  18. Tiki Tam Tam

    Make-Shift Kitchen Market on Rail Line in Khulna City

    I think I saw on the Discovery Channel a similar market in some SE Asian country. I think it was Thailand. Zabanya could correct me on this. It looks quite unique and one wonders how the coexistence flourishes between trains passing and the traders squatting practically on the tracks...
  19. Tiki Tam Tam

    Jamaat leaders’ plea for foreign lawyers rejected

    Unless one is a member of the Bar, one cannot practice. Therefore, the demand of the Bangladeshi lawyers is technically correct. The Bangladeshis lawyer should be competent or are they not wherein foreigners are required to defend those charged?
  20. Tiki Tam Tam

    Border Haat opens today

    An intelligent way to legalise the smuggling that occurs. Good way to get rid of irritants.

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