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    Newsweek poll: Imran Khan popularity in Pakistan is all time high.

    This is an ONLINE poll not a real survey. Musharraf has a huge fan base on facebook too ... doesn't mean he will get those votes in REAL elections. What matters is how many people, who will actually come out to vote, are ready to sacrifice their little benefits of election day for a real...
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    Professor Saba Dashtiyari Assassinated

    I am afraid, that won't be any different to what you have done yourself.
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    AirBlue Commercial Aircraft Crashes in Islamabad

    I am afraid then you didn't get my point. I am in no way advocating for alqaeda, blackwater, stinger, etc...not at all. In fact, the most common cause of plane crashes is pilot error. Further, this certainly won't be the first case of a professional crew ending up with a classical CFIT...
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    Chengdu J-10 Multirole Fighter Air Craft News & Discussions

    I think what Mastan was trying to compare is that China is still fielding Russian engines on 4th (western) generation fighters that were built 40 years or more ago like F-14, F-15 and F-16. The equivalent J-11 and J-10 are still having (mostly) Russian engines. So in a sense its true the gap is...
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    AirBlue Commercial Aircraft Crashes in Islamabad

    Airplanes don't just crash like that. There are a lot of safety checks and redundancies so it has to be more specific chain of events than just saying "pilot fatigue". And why would he "refuse to listen"? And what lessons, if any, then have been learnt from this? Or is it just...yeah, pilot...
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    AirBlue Commercial Aircraft Crashes in Islamabad

    The investigation has found the cause of the crash and the report is out. However, as has been the case with CAA, the report is not going to be made public and hence, you and I, will never know for sure what happened. Someone needs to take this to court so that all air-crash investigation...
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    To whom we export

    PAC also manufactures some parts for Boeing aircrafts.
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    PAC launches updated website: New info for JF-17

    And that's the only thing you noticed in the entire website? While everyone is more interested in the technical stuff like upgrade in thrust, range, etc Why not? As a potential buyer I would like my airforce's fighter jets to be cost effective and be readily available. So that's a plus...
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    PAC launches updated website: New info for JF-17

    Apologies if this has been posted before since I have been away for some time. If that is the case, simply delete this thread. The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra has updated its website. Check it out at Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Notice the updated information about...
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    Imran Khan, the next prime minister of Pakistan?

    Well, as I have stated earlier too, lets see what he outcome of the "revolution" of Egypt, Algeria, etc yields. So far, its only change of govt. Would you call that a "revolution"? May be in their case. But if so, then there have been many "revolutions" in Pakistan. I disagree that Pakistan...
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    Imran Khan, the next prime minister of Pakistan?

    my "script" is my opinion about things the way i see it. If things remain the same old, so will the script. I think you are being carried away if you think there would be some revolution in the coming elections and Imran would come out victorious. Traditional politics might have started...
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    Imran Khan, the next prime minister of Pakistan?

    not really. More like proves that he isn't a leader at all :p All those who have been targeted so far, haven't been do so because they were 'unpopular'. Rather, because they went against the wishes of the talibans. Its not like a leader has been stopped by the public and demanded to answer...
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    Musharaf lied about Dr. Afia - Her mother revealed the truth!

    To start with, what you have posted is her mothers "version" and not necessarily the reality as you claim. Coming to what she said, firstly I was startled by the way she started the conversation with Hamid Mir. Secondly, to claim that her daughters told her they didnt want US citizenship as...
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    PAF Air Refueling Capability

    Second AAR? http://russianplanes.net/EN/AL/Pakistan_Air_Forces
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    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 4]

    Quoting from pakdef
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    Mullah Omar is in Pakistan and everyone knows it: France

    Well, what else were we expecting? Did we expect them to say: We have been there for 9yrs now and couldn't catch him or crush his men. In fact, after all these years he's effectively controlling a much larger area then we are. All our soldiers, high tech weapons, satellites are in vain and we...
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    Margalah Plane was hijacked

    Batman Sahib, I am quite sure this will not be the first case of a highly experienced crew involved in a CFIT accident. Secondly, what "take off just moments before touch down" are you talking about? How can you "take off" when you haven't even touched down? Are you confusing that with a "go...
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    Abdul Qadeer Khan for Prime Minister

    You got some left over foreign currency accounts that needs to be frozen?
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    Karakorum - 8 (K-8) | Jet Trainer Aircraft.

    PAC did manufacture part of K-8 like forward fuselage, etc. I do not know if they still do or not given PAC is now more interested in producing the JF-17. Basically, the K-8 assembly was opted against given PAF was buying too few of them to justify a dedicated line for it. It did, however...
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    Use of brain in a different way……

    These two surely deserve the darwin awards

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