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    Post limit in 24 hours

    If anyone is getting limited to # of posts in 24 hours they can make on PDF, you can post here. This is only for Full Members and above. Members only will be restricted to 5 posts per day. And post only if you get it after you see this message. I want to lift that restriction from people who...
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    How To Keep The Company Safe When Working With Freelancers

    The main difficulty of work with freelancer is that the employer will have to be not just a customer, but actually the head of the project, to check the quality of work, to control the timing of their implementation and coordinate the interaction of freelancer with regular employees of the...
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    Pakistan gets $30 million investment to build 80 bed hotel for tourism in Chitral

    Great news for tourists in Pakistan and abroad.
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    Patokh Chodiev: the importance of Japan in becoming a billionaire

    It is virtually impossible to not fall in love with Japan. This country inspires everyone with its history, traditions, very restrained and polite locals. Tourists come to the land of the rising sun to find harmony, enjoy the local beauties and just plunge into a real fairy tale. Kazakh...
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    There seems to be an email verification bug where users using msn/hotmail/live are affected. They are sometimes stuck with verifying email but email is not sent. We are looking to fix this issue soon.
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    Featured Zada Barish Zada Pani

    Zada Barish Zada Pani - Ft MA Jaffry
  7. WebMaster

    Unregistered VPN users in Pakistan will be banned after June 30

    Until June 30, VPN users in Pakistan will have to register their virtual private networks to Internet providers or be banned from using them. This announcement came from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), who said that the measure is meant to promote legal ICT services in Pakistan...
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    Featured Captain Sher Khan martyrdom anniversary

    ACT OF COURAGE Capt. Sher Khan Shaheed (Nishan-e-Haider) His full name was Capt. Karnal Sher Khan, he was around 27 years of age and emerged as a hero of Kargil conflict fought in 1999. His colleagues remember him as a person who used to laugh easily and a lot. He belonged to Village Nawa...
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    The Rise of 5G and How it Could Transform Armed Forces Across the Globe

    IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay Anyone with even a minor interest in the military world will have been fascinated by the recent reports which have emerged regarding China’s future plans. The news that the country is working on the creation of an almost-zero latency 6G mobile network which will support...
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    Experience of a girl who lost mother and grandmother to Coronavirus in Karachi

    Purpose of this post: CORONA VIRUS IS NOT FUN I have not already lost my grandmother(Dadi),but my bestfriend,my mother too. I wish you all take care of your loved ones,before this virus snatches everything from you. I wish no enemy goes through the pain,the pain I'm going through!! Please...
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    PDF New Mods 2020

    Hello everyone, We have decided to induct new mods to enforce rules and enable vibrant discussions. Please welcome them. @BHarwana @Foxtrot Alpha @Kambojaric @krash @LeGenD @Moonlight @PakSword @Side-Winder

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