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    Hi ., Please post your paintings .

    Sorry, I hadn’t realised! To be honest, now a days I mainly use this site to view posts so haven’t really logged in / contributed to any threads for a very long time! I think that was my first post in years! Anyway, my bad so apologies again...
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    Hi ., Please post your paintings .

    Thanks for you kind words bro
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    Hi ., Please post your paintings .

    Salam, I am a beginner but I don’t sketch often as I have to be in the ‘zone’. However, once in a blue moon I do get this craving to sketch - here are my last couple of sketches. Any constructive feedback would be welcome. Be as critical as you like ...
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    ATR-72 for Pakistan Navy

    Pardon me for my ignorance, but can someone please shed some light as to the main purpose of these planes and what they offer etc..? Thanks in advance :)
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    Indian Army post ambushed along LoC, casualties feared

    For the record, dead soldiers OR dead civilians or death of any human being should not be a joke, 'mate'! I wasn't actually making joke of the dead soldiers! I was rather making joke at who is responsible since there are pages and pages of accusations without any proof! All I keep reading in...
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    Indian Army post ambushed along LoC, casualties feared

    :raise: Maybe the attack was from the two drones (Jupiter & Venus) that Indian Army has been tracking for 6 months!!
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    India: Army 'mistook planets for spy drones'

    This news was actually brought to my attention by my goray work colleagues earlier on today. we still cannot stop laughing! lolzzzzzzzzzzz...:rofl::rofl::rofl: I cannot believe the indians are being so defensive and suggesting you need to be an astronomer/astrophysicist to differentiate...
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    India: Thank God Pak women team not housed in Indian 5-Star hotels

    I am surprised the indians have not accused the ISI of planting the cockroaches in the hotel rooms!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    This website is offline

    I have also been facing difficulties accessing this site since the past few weeks. I have not had any access all morning - it seems to have come back just now!
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    ( must see ) Tunisia Aero Technologies Industries S.A

    Well done Tunisia! Hope they continue to build on this success :)
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    I can pass off as a Pakistani: Kareena Kapoor

    This is the dumbest thread i have seen on this site. ofcourse there will be some fair skinned people in India just like there will be some dark skinned people in Pakistan. I think it is obviously that overall, majority of pakistanis are fair skinned compared to indians. But there is nothing...
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    PDF Online Support

    I thought the issues with accessibility were only occuring in India. unfortunately, yesterday i was unable to access the website in England either :(
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    Hatf IX Nasr Missile Tested by Pakistan

    Its rare to see good news coming from pakistan now a days so this is fantastic news! Congratulations to all my fellow pakistanis! :)
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    Hatf IX Nasr Missile Tested by Pakistan

    BTW where did you find this pic from please bro?
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    Hatf IX Nasr Missile Tested by Pakistan

    Wow is that an original pic? I will be extremely happy if they have increased the tube luanchers from two to four!! :pakistan:
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    Made In Tunisia

    Nice! Keep it up Tunisia!
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    Labais brother, Thanks for the nice pics and for the info on Tunisia. I recently got married to a Tunsian woman. I am trying to learn as much as possible about Tunisia at the moment! so this thread is very useful for me...Keep the info coming! :)
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    Expanding Pakistan's ties with nations

    I think we should create new ties with as many countries as possible (i.e. Brazil, south Africa etc) and at the same time we need to maintain, if not expand, our existing ties with our traditional allies (i.e. china, Saudi Arabia etc). We need to learn from our previous mistakes and ensure...
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    Directorate of Inter Services Intelligence: Updates & Discussions

    Are you really from England? I am also british born pakistani but i must say, your english is very poor in most of your posts. If you really are studying A-levels then your english should be really good!!
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    Israeli missions in India, Georgia targeted

    sophisticated?? but i thought it failed to have the intended consequences as no one died thankfully!?

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