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    Taimur: Pakistan's ICBM?

    :yes2: :rofl::haha: Hey why can't you fit 10 more and reach moon.. Oh thats already done.. Oh add 50 more to reach Mars.. Bro get yourself fixed...
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    Hello desiman, How are you? I have been in this forum for years now and I know you well :) You...

    Hello desiman, How are you? I have been in this forum for years now and I know you well :) You might not know me though. Wanted to get your view on a topic but unable to send you a PM. Can you plz send me a 'Hi' mail to freddiemaize(at)yahoo(dot).com? That way I can catch you up. Thanks in...
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    Army mobilisation time: 48 hours

    This kind of calling Amerika and Endia and Chinks and Pakis only shows how week the arguments are. They use the terms just to support their week arguments.. So lame.. What kind of self satisfaction is that going to give?
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    Rate the Singnature above you!

    In English plz :D 7+.. im not scared.. or am i missing something.. chesseeeeee...
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    Rate the Singnature above you!

    True.. 9/10 ... 1 less since we never know the truth behind any thing... its all assumption.. My signature is my creation,, :D
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    Russians talking with aliens

    BTW, Foo Fighters is one of my fav band.. :D
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    Russians talking with aliens

    WOOT.... You got to joking right.... If we came here and we managed to colonized the entire planet then why did the cave man struggled to find fire..
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    Pakistan, China & Iran Blocked From India Air Show

    This guy is screaming here and no one listens to him.. :hitwall:
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    Pakistan has 110 Nuclear weapons, edges ahead of India: USA Report

    I really wish and hope that the next election should be a turning point in Pakistan's history. @Topic, I seriously have a question here. How come some one can study such a sensitive topic which is suppose to be so confidential? The News cannot be even near to true unless the Govt. opens its...
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    FGFA vs J-XX

    Asian, just be proud that you have 2 Stealth fighters coming up compared to only one from the West, instead of your VS which is not healthy..
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    What is it like to be an Indian Street Kid ?

    And this is the reason why you are still a member and not a Senior member even after your 1700+ post.. :police:
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    GSAT-5P launch fails, satellite vehicle explodes mid-air

    @Kinetic.. As a senior member you should know that you should not feed the troll and should not post your past success stories in a failure thread.
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    J-10 Will Come With T O (P) T

    Sry to go off topic.. You are the best MOD PDF has!! Thank you!!
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    Kashmiris are Pakistanis and Pakistan is their own Country

    Last I heard was that, Pakistan is fighting for the independence of Kashmir. The title of this thread (and the claims that people have put forward) is contradictory. Any words on that?
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    Bangladesh Webs Hacked by Indians

    Instead, If it says 50 states, then will you say US? :) If hacker left some ancient scripts instead of Hindi then dose that mean some one from the Ancient period hacked? :D
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    New Moderators: PAFAce, TechLahore, now ajpirzada

    Buddy, Please don't use Sir to refer me. :) I'm not comfortable with that :D However, there are sections for Indian, Bangladesh, World Affairs etc., thus making it, an International forum. So having mods irrespective of Nation would be healthy. Dont you think so? Please correct if you...
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    Bangladesh Webs Hacked by Indians

    Can you please direct me to a source. I'm a Software Engg. myself and I do ethical hacking. Are there any companies for me here. I just want some support from you to convey a message that hacking dose not work this way. :D May I also please know how your people tracked the Indian Connection?
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    New Moderators: PAFAce, TechLahore, now ajpirzada

    PAFAce once said, Fortune favours the brave but Wise make their own Fortune. I liked it a lot :D
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    Kashmir | News & Discussions.

    Pakistan itself is suffering from several problems. Feel free to say NO to me provided you have solid source to defend. Its economy has to shape up well. When most of the Asian countires are raising why not Pakistan. It has to join the league of the Raising Asians. Instead they spend so...
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    New Moderators: PAFAce, TechLahore, now ajpirzada

    Is this not a international forum?

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