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    Better, he should land in hell ... Spare Pakistan from such criminals
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    Salman Rushdie stabbed in New York. - Just in.

    For decades he was living under the security curtain of the USA/West. What happened to that SATAN reminds me of a sentence by the BUSH THE MURDERERS 'YOU COULD RUN BUT CAN'T HIDE' IMO, the same is applicable here, 'YOU COULD AVAIL THE (SO CALLED) BEST OF SECURITIES IN WORLD BUT YOU WILL NEVER...
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    Pakistan should pull out of British commonwealth

    Pakistan left the CW in 1972 and rejoined in 1989 - Maybe 1972 Bhutto left and in 1989 Benazir rejoined - More faithful to QUEEN. As membership is purely voluntary, member governments can choose at any time to leave the Commonwealth. The first state to do so was Ireland in 1948 following its...
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    50 issued notices for allegedly running anti-military smear campaign

    Did you forward, the names of any PDF members? If so kindly inform those members to arrange their pre-arrest bails. This is the critical time to earn some good deeds. It will be considered your kind brotherly gesture.
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    Rana Sanaullah bars police from raiding Bani Gala

    IMO, most of the recruitments are not based on merit but on political influence. So the murder of merit leads to such qualities. This disease is in our system and most of the institutes are infected.
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    TTP ‘check-post’ set up in Swat: report

    Disinformation, Propaganda, and Lies. Watch, listen and try to comprehend, the below from @10:35 onwards. IRK is the person who single-handedly fought against the whole PDM and their favorite media groups, General Nani's media cell, and render the poisonous fangs of these snakes useless.
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    Enemy or friend? Imran Khan ‘secretly’ contacts US Envoy Donald Blome

    Dear, this is the beauty of demoncracy, take the U-Turn and get to your previous podium - it is as simple as that. Disinformation and lie peddling?
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    PTI steps up efforts to establish 'good relations' with US, hires lobbying firm

    Still, IK needs lobbying? The overwhelming stress is causing severe comprehension issues. Thoroughly read the below from @Riz and comprehend it OR the help of 'Parchi Wala' is already at your disposal
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    COAS Bajwa first Pakistani to represent UK Queen at Military Academy Sandhurst

    The three-quarters of a century and we are still stuck in QUEEN. Maybe the actual purpose of the visit/agenda will be after this ceremony. Just wait for time to clear the fog. Days to come will clearly decide the fate of Pakistanis and the future of Pakistan.
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    62 year old Qadiyani stabbed to death by a Tehrik-e-Labbaik supporter in Rabwah

    Will not address the root cause - the people have to learn the Deen-E-Islam in its true spirit and that is only possible if we have a quality Ulema and Moulvis at our disposal and that is still a distant dream and as the time passes it became a more distant dream. After Bhutto another one? Fear...
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    Sindh High Court Orders ARY Channel Back on Air!

    The criminal bunch ignored the SHC ORDER - no institute in Pakistan is left uncompromised to rein them.
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    Comic sports news from Pakistan women hockey federation

    When the likes of Shehla Raza will manage teams the outcome will not be surprising.
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    PMLN Javed Hashmi is back on the scene again

    Oh .... not that retard and back-stabber again.
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    A heartbreaking murdering: 17 year old Nicoletta, murdered by her 22-year-old Pakistani refugee boyfriend

    IMO, none of the mentioned ones. What I know is they used some terms like 'danky or dinky' (human smuggling) which is an illegal way to travel and settle in Europe. No idea upon arrival how they get the status of 'refugee', potentially that is the time when they used the classes in your post...
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    London property at heart of Panama Papers, Malik Riaz tussle has fresh ‘charge’

    Did the process to pave the return and removal of DISQUALIFICATION of 'MIAN SAANP' begin thru supervising Media???
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    A heartbreaking murdering: 17 year old Nicoletta, murdered by her 22-year-old Pakistani refugee boyfriend

    Indeed the 'religious twist' and 'Pakistani' made this news.
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    ایک نہیں ،دو پاکستان

    I bet, you didn't go thru the entire reading but just some lines and reacted. That is why you are unable to grasp the idea behind my writing. Kindly read it carefully and think about and refrain from a knee-jerk reaction.
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    ایک نہیں ،دو پاکستان

    Don't accuse our armed forces. This is not the norm of the Pakistan Armed Forces, we are miserably failing to identify the core issues and the flaws in our system. The actual 'dung' are those who claim to be 'LAW MAKERS' and enhance/customize the laws only for their own advantages. That is now...
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    ایک نہیں ،دو پاکستان

    For the last three-quarters of a century, history witnessed that Pakistan is progressing backward. The system of how to leash the slaves by MASTERS, loaned to us from the MASTERS is failing us miserably. Change it or the total destruction will be imminent. There should be no elite/privileged...
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    Islamabad Police arrest wife of Shahbaz Gill’s driver

    Sir G, ALLAH SWT forbid, that will be the worst thing to happen to Pakistan. Be patient, IN-SHAA-ALLAH, Pakistan will win.

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