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    How much does a ak 47 original cost in pakistan?

    I talked to one dealer and he said 250,000 original Russian ak 47 never been used. One person told me that's too low for an ak. A single bullet he's selling for 170 rupees. It's my first time buying a gun so help a brother out.
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    Tell me some good jokes

    I'll start first. There was a passenger going to his destination and on his way he reads a sign from a higher up in the village that who ever can make his donkey show any emotion, make him laugh, cry, speak, make any sound will get a reward. The donkey stayed silent and never uttered a sound...
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    What is your wifes biggest complaint against you?

    My wife only has one complaint against me and that is I don't talk to her much even though I talk to her quite a bit. She wants me to talk to her all the time. I tell her her that's how I am but she says when you have people over in the men's living room i can hear you talk talk and talk but...
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    Have you ever broken a females heart?

    I have many times but the most memorable one was where I was planning to marry the girl. I met this pakistani/Puerto Rican girl at a club in nyc and fell in love with her when i was 21. I dated with her for six months straight and then I moved to another state with my family. But I was in love...
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    I feel like i did some good parenting today

    Me and my two boys were walking our German shepherd some guys show up on a motorcycle with a female German shepherd and said they want to breed the female dog from my dog. I said no problem. So when my dog started humping the female dog my boys ask me "abu g yeh kya kar rahe hain" I said inki...
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    Anyone heard of kratom?

    I just came out of a huge psychosis/delusion and I was thinking it may have been caused by marijuana but I'm wondering if kratom had anything to do with it. Kratom helped me with mood, anxiety, and I was able to function a little normal on kratom. now im just a zinda laash suffering from...
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    Dear diary, my horse was a huge asshole today

    I was just going along and riding on my horse next to the river then suddenly he sees some female horses and then he picked up his front legs and I fell off the horse while he started chasing the females. I'm just a normal rider I'm not a sawaar so I don't know all the ins and outs on how to...
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    Should i start teaching my boys

    About women? I think I should tell them that Allah has made the females for males and vice versa. In this day and age especially in the west where they started teaching about gay rights, I think I should start filling my boys ears on how wonderful the women are and the male should only have sex...
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    Why me my Lord!!!!

    Everything I did in my life started with your name. No matter the situation I never lost my faith and hope in you. I prayed to you. Never bribed anyone while it was common in my practice. I fed the poor and the needy in your name. Have never been scared of anyone except you. When the whole...
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    How old are you?

    I'm 31 but I'm interested to see if we have any buzurgs on here who remember living amongst the khatris. How was life of an ordinary person when Hindus and Muslims lived together? Did they have temples? How did they get along with the muslims. Were they rich? My grandpa once told me that he...
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    Why are dogs paleet in our culture?

    I love dogs. After the horse, it is man's best friend IMHO. One day I was walking my German shepherd and my neighbors dog came running towards me and I think it was gonna bite me with the way it was charging towards me but my little German shepherd who was only 7 months old stood there like a...
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    How much money do you spend on yourself

    Every month? :azn: not including your house bills or groceries etc... just the money spent on yourself?
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    Is this honey real?

    The white stuff at the top makes me wonder if this honey is actually pure or not. It seems like sugar has been added to the honey. What do you guys think? I love honey but raw honey in America is very different as its very thick and this honey is kinda watery.
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    Have you ever been shot?

    By accident or by enemies? I always wonder how bad it would hurt if I ever got shot. I've been infront of live fire but never have been wounded by a bullet.
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    Do you like milk?

    Milk is a blessing from Allah IMHO. The creamy delight soothes the throat and quenches the thirst. It also has many other properties as well. Like I just ate a paratha made with Desi ghee and topped off with home made butter and some home made yogurt on the side. Also had some doodh patti I...
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    Where would the country be today if musharraf had told the usa "no"

    Had musharraf decided to fight against America and told them to fuvk off would the Americans wage war against a nuclear Pakistan? Or would they just sit back and put sanctions on Pakistan? I wish musharraf had told no to America's war on terror. So many innocent lives were gone and we were on...
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    Who started this forum?

    And When did it come into existence? and who decides who should be mod or not? Its a Great Pakistani forum IMHO.
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    Whats for dinner tonight?

    I had pizza at pizza hut in mangla. The ingredients were OK, the cheese was OK, the sauce was non existent and the crust was just terrible. American pizza is way way better than the Pakistani one. Crust was like a sweet bun it was horrible. I've had pizzas at other local joints too the crust...
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    Does anyone smoke hookah?

    When I was young plenty of older people smoked but now as they are passing away you see the hookah passing away too. I along with my father enjoy this aromatic tobacco filled hookah. It's fragrance makes our bethak unique. I hope I pass on this tradition to my children.
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    My farm

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