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    How much does a ak 47 original cost in pakistan?

    The likes of you I keep in my salwars pockets. Once again you are just a dull boring person. There is no excitement in you. You are just a simpleton who is filled with fear.
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    How much does a ak 47 original cost in pakistan?

    Who gives a shit about what you think. Your over the top attitude is boring, find a new niche. No one cares about your opinion dude.
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    How much does a ak 47 original cost in pakistan?

    Sold. Alhamdulillah. Allah Hu Akbar.:sniper:
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    How much does a ak 47 original cost in pakistan?

    The dealer seems suspicious as hell. I asked him for an ak 47 he sends me an m4 American rifle and it was broke. I may not have bought guns in Pakistan but I do own some guns in the USA so I know a Lil bit about rifles. He said he will send the ak 47 today and increased the price to 350,000...
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    How much does a ak 47 original cost in pakistan?

    My license is this: Make ready for them all thou canst of (armed) force and of horses tethered, that thereby ye may dismay the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others beside them whom ye know not. Allah knoweth them. Whatsoever ye spend in the way of Allah it will be repaid to you in full...
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    How much does a ak 47 original cost in pakistan?

    I talked to one dealer and he said 250,000 original Russian ak 47 never been used. One person told me that's too low for an ak. A single bullet he's selling for 170 rupees. It's my first time buying a gun so help a brother out.
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    Tell me some good jokes

    I'll start first. There was a passenger going to his destination and on his way he reads a sign from a higher up in the village that who ever can make his donkey show any emotion, make him laugh, cry, speak, make any sound will get a reward. The donkey stayed silent and never uttered a sound...
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    Pakistani religious scholars arrive in Kabul for talks with TTP militants

    How about you move to India where you belong. This country was created in the name of Islam. We muslims will stay here and you can move out.
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    What is your wifes biggest complaint against you?

    My wife only has one complaint against me and that is I don't talk to her much even though I talk to her quite a bit. She wants me to talk to her all the time. I tell her her that's how I am but she says when you have people over in the men's living room i can hear you talk talk and talk but...
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    Have you ever broken a females heart?

    She was very religious Christian women. Her Pakistani father married her to one of his relatives and she told me he was the only man she had sex with. Something happened between them and they got divorced.
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    Have you ever broken a females heart?

    I have many times but the most memorable one was where I was planning to marry the girl. I met this pakistani/Puerto Rican girl at a club in nyc and fell in love with her when i was 21. I dated with her for six months straight and then I moved to another state with my family. But I was in love...
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    I feel like i did some good parenting today

    Me and my two boys were walking our German shepherd some guys show up on a motorcycle with a female German shepherd and said they want to breed the female dog from my dog. I said no problem. So when my dog started humping the female dog my boys ask me "abu g yeh kya kar rahe hain" I said inki...
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    What ya eating?

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    Anyone heard of kratom?

    In the past 2 years, ever since I went into my first psychosis due to taking psychedelics(shrooms) I have been to many psychiatrists but nothing has helped. Only kratom made me feel like a normal person and gave me energy to do things. I'm currently taking antipsychotics and mood stabilizers...
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    Anyone heard of kratom?

    I just came out of a huge psychosis/delusion and I was thinking it may have been caused by marijuana but I'm wondering if kratom had anything to do with it. Kratom helped me with mood, anxiety, and I was able to function a little normal on kratom. now im just a zinda laash suffering from...
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    Dear diary, my horse was a huge asshole today

    I was just going along and riding on my horse next to the river then suddenly he sees some female horses and then he picked up his front legs and I fell off the horse while he started chasing the females. I'm just a normal rider I'm not a sawaar so I don't know all the ins and outs on how to...
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    US Growth Seen Outpacing China’s for First Time Since 1976

    God Bless the USA. It's a great country and I hope it continues to reach new heights.
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    Impossible Foods Launches in the United Kingdom

    I have tried sausage patties in nyc it tasted like real meat to me.

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