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  1. BlessedKingOfLonging

    EU proposes lifting pressure on Iran’s Revolutionary Guards to revive nuclear deal

    Jew A-s-s AIDS 🇺🇸 will block the proposal right away. Wasted gesture.
  2. BlessedKingOfLonging

    Iranian Chill Thread

    I can't wait for the IRGC to assassinate ZoGnald CUCK (read "donald trump").
  3. BlessedKingOfLonging

    EU Proposes Significant Concession to Iran to Revive Nuclear Deal

    I curse Rouhani for having brought about this accursed accord. There was no need to indulge in this rubbish, only to waste considerable time, effort and resources into something that will go nowhere because the other side has sat down with a resolve to break the treaty from the get-go.
  4. BlessedKingOfLonging

    Iranian Marine products...........Civilian and Naval

    Two of my favourite naval weapons there. I hope the Besat class submarines can fire the Hoot and Kamand is installed on the Loghman class ships.
  5. BlessedKingOfLonging

    Glide Vehicle "Qassem" MaRV-MRBM of Iran. Anti ABM/AD weapon

    I think official statement indeed mentions Kheybarshekan was in use long before unveiling.
  6. BlessedKingOfLonging

    Iranian Chill Thread

    Sigh, I guess I won't be able to collect my prize money after all...just kidding 😆
  7. BlessedKingOfLonging

    Nearly 100 Afghan refugees shot dead by Iranian security forces

    That's exactly the wrong thing to do.
  8. BlessedKingOfLonging

    Iran seized two Greek tankers in response of seizure of iranian tanker by USA + Greece.

    I have a friend in Germany who said as much: Greeks across all social classes refuse to pay taxes, a practice that stems from civil disobedience against the turks but now has become national tradition.
  9. BlessedKingOfLonging

    Iran seized two Greek tankers in response of seizure of iranian tanker by USA + Greece.

    Hard agree. One of the conditions for Greece to receive loans is they have to spend a portion of the money buying arms from Germany and Berlin uses this chip to blackmail them to the hilt.
  10. BlessedKingOfLonging

    IRIAF | News and Discussions

    You don't see a role for it acting in the Syrian theater of war? Just curious - an aircraft like that could help assert dominance in the north and patrol airspace to deter enemy airstrikes, at the very least.
  11. BlessedKingOfLonging

    Iranian Navy | News and Discussions

    Where will the VLS cells be placed?
  12. BlessedKingOfLonging

    A heartbreaking murdering: 17 year old Nicoletta, murdered by her 22-year-old Pakistani refugee boyfriend

    It's by design. They want chaps who'll do menial labour for dirt cheap and scumbags like this fit the bill.
  13. BlessedKingOfLonging

    Iranian Nuclear Doctrine

    Oh 😅 Sorry, senpai 🤗 (not a teen, btw)
  14. BlessedKingOfLonging

    Featured Russia is preparing to supply Iran with an advanced satellite system that will boost Tehran’s ability to surveil military targets, officials say

    Very good. I hope subsequent launches are on indigenous SLVs and the satellites are domestically manufactured as well.
  15. BlessedKingOfLonging

    Iranian Chill Thread

    Human trafficking?
  16. BlessedKingOfLonging

    Iranian Navy | News and Discussions

    Ah, 100 years. Well, amerikwa will cease to exist in half that time so no need to hold your breath. Given how shittily your hypersonic weapons program is progressing, it might be Jew A-s-s AIDS (🇺🇸) that takes 100 years to field them. Even North Korea already put their own in service...
  17. BlessedKingOfLonging

    Iranian Navy | News and Discussions

    40? Kek, the highlight of 4 decades would be american women being carted off as sex slaves and used liberally like cumdumpsters in every corner of the world...they'll write that in your history books, heh. By the way, news from SHITHOLE Benning (more like Ben-NIG): 2 zogmutt personnel dead and...
  18. BlessedKingOfLonging

    Iranian Navy | News and Discussions

    Bear in mind that even Jew A-s-s AIDS (🇺🇸) imports a huge number of components for their naval projects or outsources contracts to various European countries. Every single component for Loghman is being made in Iran, by contrast. For a pilot venture of such magnitude, I'm not surprised about...

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