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    Pakistan Turkey Defence Production Updates

    THE F-16 RELATED UPGRADES BY TURKIYE : https://twitter.com/zspcl/status/1546472618605281282 https://twitter.com/zspcl/status/1540951377014300672 https://twitter.com/zspcl/status/1546103537012285442 https://twitter.com/zspcl/status/1545750372400222208
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    Turkish Defence Industry Exports & Updates

    https://twitter.com/zspcl/status/1555732960153829377 https://twitter.com/zspcl/status/1555761437674541056 https://twitter.com/SSDergilik/status/1556596123762130945
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    Jinnah class guided missile frigate has entered detailed design phase, after completion of conceptual design phase

    Albatros NG is a new generation Naval Based Air Defence (NBAD) system, based on the CAMM-ER, which is the extended range variant of the Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM) family already delivered to customers around the world for both ground based and naval air defence.
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    HAL begins flight trials of LCA Tejas Mk-1A

    In the era of AESA's , BVRs with clear, Clean, High PtK shots at 40 - 70 km ranges, Even BCM with HMD/S and HOBS , You seem to analyse a modern 4.0Gen Multi role in a scenario of "Close combat and Interception". If those were the golden / critical KPIs for a modern day warfare, maybe IAF would...
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    Turkish Defence Industry Exports & Updates

    https://eurasiantimes.com/urkey-highlights-its-hurjet-light-combat-aircraft-to-malaysia-to-steal-the-lca-deal/ https://www.defensenews.com/industry/2022/07/27/tai-inks-helicopter-trainer-aircraft-deals-with-african-nations/...
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    Turkish Defence Industry Exports & Updates

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    Chinese Weapon Exports

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    T-129 Atak & Turkish Attack Helicopter Programs

    What about the info on : ATGM MMW Radar Thanks
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    F22P Zulfiqar: Debunking Propaganda

    "It was around 2004 - Type 053H3 Variant, using older generation subsystems compared to contemporary ships. PN got the F-22P for moderate cost, likely in the range of Mn$150 per ship Excl Munition / Helis. Chinese even offered a loan to help the deal go through. Its seems as a 'conscious...
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    Turkish Missile Programs

    SUNGUR Leads the Pack The SUNGUR is rated as Top class 4th generation MANPAD Weapons system with Platform integration options readily available. The I.I.R Seeker system has longest range in its class.. The system which has "Lock - On - Before Launch" option through that IIR Seeker is hence...
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    Turkish Missile Programs

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