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  1. Menace2Society

    Music for the Soul

    This is one of my favourite songs from Sufjan Stevens. If anyone else wants to share music that makes them feel good please go ahead.
  2. Menace2Society

    An Apology

    Hi All - Some of you may remember me, most probably not, it's been a while. Last time I was online I did get involved in a lot of threads on religion towards the end which gets me triggered so bad and I most likely caused offense. For that I am sorry. That was never my intention but having...
  3. Menace2Society

    Iran’s Being Tricked Into Making Balochistan The New Kurdistan

    The transnational region of Balochistan risks becoming another Kurdistan-like fault line as long as Iran continues to be tricked into worsening relations with Pakistan, with the worst-case scenario being that the Golden Ring’s weakest link undermines the entire geopolitical project that it has...
  4. Menace2Society

    Time for a fresh start - Rename Pakistan

    This title of "Islamic republic of Pakistan" is too harsh on the tongue. How many stans exist? Too many. Its too common. Need to become unique. Pakistan needs to be re imagined, reconstructed to be fit for the modern world. Rename it. I propose Indus. It ties in with the cultural...
  5. Menace2Society

    Who was worse - PPP or PMNL?

    For me this is a tough one because each are as incompetent and corrupt as the other. If I had to choose PPP govt was by far the worst. Every hire was based on nepotism. The leader was a murderer and a criminal. Nothing done for the economy. Bin Laden debacle in their tenure. Cricket match...
  6. Menace2Society

    Which industries to target for export?

    What industries can Pakistan target to improve capacity for exports? Finished goods markets need to be targeted. Too much low end raw material industry at the moment. What can Pakistan do? Look at this. Motherboard manufacture in Taiwan. Taiwan shipped US$317.7 billion worth of goods around...
  7. Menace2Society

    SMQ - Asia Society

  8. Menace2Society

    This is why India hates Imran Khan

    Modi Mass murder terrorist. Elitist. Previous occupation Imran Khan Previous occupation Charismatic. Leader. Humanist. Charity worker. World Cup champion athlete. Hates no one. NOT a murderer. Highly educated. India right now is petrified, scared they are going to lose the PR war...
  9. Menace2Society

    Anti Pakistani activity by Afghans on Twitter

    This is just one example. Read the comments. Constant stream of Afghans doing exactly what their masters Indians taught them. This is getting ridiculous. Where is Pakistani response? Why is everyone so vocal online apart from Pakistanis. Why are you still hosting Afghans in your country?
  10. Menace2Society

    Who does Pakistan relate to more - Asia or Middle East?

    Being on the continental cusp identifying with a regional identity can become quite tricky. With Pakistanis being multi ethnic this becomes even more complicated. Throw in religious bias and it becomes virtually impossible to create a unifying angle. So how do we determine what Pakistan relates...
  11. Menace2Society

    Afghanistan wants world powers to ramp up pressure on Pakistan: US envoy

    Afghanistan wants world powers to ramp up pressure on Pakistan: US envoy Kabul govt feels confident that Taliban will be coming to the negotiating table By AFP Jan.17,2018 UNITED NATIONS: Returning from a UN Security Council visit to Afghanistan, US Ambassador Nikki Haley on Wednesday stressed...
  12. Menace2Society

    Trump’s Twitter threat to Pakistan wins Afghans’ favor

    Trump’s Twitter threat to Pakistan wins Afghans’ favor The US president's New Year tweet castigating Pakistan has found a lot of support from Afghans angry at Islamabad's alleged support of militant groups Mohammad Baqir, 38, doesn’t really know what Twitter is. He thinks it is something like...
  13. Menace2Society

    Talibanization of Pakistan cricket team and wider society - why?

    I remember a time when Pakistan was one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Where people were well groomed, spoke well and were normal enough to accept how other people wanted to live their lives. Look at our early cricket players. Fine gentlemen, well groomed and dressed. The...
  14. Menace2Society

    Where is the FDI?

    So lot of loans for projects. Projects are good. You have to speculate too accumulate so loans are ok to some extent. But every time I visit this section I see countries stepping in with a loan to fund whatever. Where are the deals? Actual investment which is not a loan. Why is this not...
  15. Menace2Society

    How to turn the tables on Afghan based terrorists?

    Okay so it's a well known fact India and other countries funnel funds to terrorist proxies in Afghanistan to carry out attacks in Pakistan. There is a rate card I believe which money is given per Pakistani killed. So these m**therfuckers have a price on your heads. Turn the tables on them...
  16. Menace2Society

    Why wasn't the Afghan border secured when NATO invaded Afghanistan?

    So TTP went live in 2005. 4 years after NATO invasion. 4 YEARS! What could have been done in this 4 years? How many lives saved? How much PR saved? Who had the clever idea of doing nothing on the Afghan border knowing that a war is taking place? This pretty much sums it up.
  17. Menace2Society

    India's dirty air deadliest - Country tops pollution list

    India's dirty air deadliest New Delhi, Feb. 14: India tops the world in the number of premature deaths from air pollution linked to ozone and has also outpaced China in the number of lives lost from tiny inhalable particles, a report released today said. The State of Global Air 2017 report has...
  18. Menace2Society

    Drone strikes in Pakistan by NATO - Who allowed this?

    Who was the first person to agree to NATO carrying out drone strikes within Pakistani territory? What idiot agreed to this?
  19. Menace2Society

    Why has Lal Masjid been ignored?

    So Lal Masjid declared their allegiance to ISIS, the public protested against them but why no action? What is going on in Lal Masjid? Why no operation on this terrorist safehouse?

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