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  1. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    #DawoodIbrahim dies in Karachi due to Covid-19 claims Indian Media

    Recent update: Did anyone saw twitter? #DawoodIbrahim is trending on twitter and no one will be surprised to know that after miserably failing talks with China, India now wanted to divert the attention of their public to some other issue. It can be clearly seen in the attached images how...
  2. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    Summary of India-Australia Virtual Summit (June 4th, 2020)

    India and Australia signed the Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (MLSA). Australia is the 4th country to have signed such an agreement with India after the US, France, and South Korea. Full text of the Joint Declaration of Today's virtual summit between leaders of 2 countries. It is all...
  3. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    Leaders are not made, they are born as one !!

    Presenting you one of the greatest and brave COAS in the history of Pakistan and EX President General Pervez Musharraf. When asked by an Indian Journalist: Do you have regret about Kargil? Musharraf: Do you have regret about dividing Pakistan and Siachin? No matter what he has done with the...
  4. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    Utilizing International Criminal Court to avert future Balakot-style attacks

    India's biggest ally US has labeled India as the country with the steepest and most alarming deterioration in religious freedoms. Such circumstances provide Pakistan a golden opportunity which it must immediately seize. The country must set the wheel of the international system in motion through...
  5. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    Iran, Pakistan or China Who will be the real Victim?

    FM Zarif came on a visit to Pakistan recently after the US-Iran tensions. I think it will be more than just a promise of moral support from FM Zarif and Iran in-fact both sides to stand by each other in times of danger or help, since nobody can trust America and Israel, and India being the one...
  6. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    Is Iran and Pakistan at a brink of WW3 with major interests from Israel?

    Is Iran and Pakistan at a brink of War with Americans already surrounding Iran and BJP's RSS are already waiting for a chance to hunt the Islamic states down? but on the other hand : Iran's foreign minister has said he does not believe a war will break out in the region amid concerns over...
  7. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    Lets not forget the unsung heroes, fighters and brave leaders of Pakistan. #HappyDefenceDay2018

    On this day in 1965 we were united against our enemy and we defeated an enemy which was stronger than us. The biggest asset then was our unity and faith. We should realize that if we stay united under the honest leadership which we have now then we can defeat all threats that our country is...
  8. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    A Mother's letter to her son, who left this world. #APSAttack

    Hear Touching 'Mat samjho humny bhoola dya'.
  9. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    The Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition

    'Enough' - Allied against terrorism #IMCTC
  10. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    >> Indian war machines grounded?

    IAF's #Tejas battles to survive. Army signals it does not want indigenous battle tank #Arjun. Watch this video for more information
  11. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    JF-17 Thunder performing during Dubai Air Show 2017

    Close Lookup of PAC JF-17 Thunder and PAC Super Mushak.
  12. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    The mind of People are changing.

    Sikh Yatri says Shukriya Pakistan when asked an anchor on local t.v. channel. He was very happy with the steps government took for their stay. Moreover, he was also happy with the local people too.
  13. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    Pakistan Army's unofficial Warrior's Dance.

    This time next to the Durand Line for whom it may concern, Pakistan army soldiers perform cultural dance i.e. Attan giving a strong message to the counterparts. Yes they do have a life, Yes they also enjoy, Yes they are always on duty to protect us sleep well in our rooms, Yes their family give...
  14. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    Stratolaunch Aircraft First Rollout (World’s Largest Plane by Wingspan).

    Never seen such a huge thing ever before, this must be something really costly and i will be amazed to see its impact in overall countries.
  15. GDP Adil Khan Niazi


    Foreword: This is not a news story, but a piece for discussion. The details offered in this article are not authoritative pieces of information, but rather, opinions of the author. On his official visit to Turkey earlier in October, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi confirmed that...
  16. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    BBC Taking Interview Of Aviation Cadet Rabia Liaqat Abbasi .

    Meet A 22-Year Old Woman, Aviation Cadet Rabia Liaqat Abbasi, Challenging Tradition By Training As A FIGHTER PILOT In Pakistan Airforce. It Plays A Key Role In Defending The Country's Borders, & Rabia Is Proud To Have Been Chosen To Perhaps One Day Fight On The Front line. Press HD To Watch In...
  17. GDP Adil Khan Niazi

    Rest In Peace Lt Arsalan Alam (135 L/C)

    Lt Arsalan Alam (135 L/C) to his friend while on preparing for the mission/operation: "Shaheed honay aye hain bas golli ka intazar hai." Three sisters lost their single brother and parents lost their lone son today while on duty in Rajgal Valley. Lt Arsalan Alam (135 L/C) got hit by sniper fire...

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