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    China Has A Debt Problem Three Times Larger Than Evergrande

    You have no debt because you have no credit so nobody wants to lend you money
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    Global Tensions grow as Chinese Rocket Scientist Defects to the West : Express UK

    Aviation Industry Corp of China :rofl:
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    Chinese Weapon Exports

    I'm wondering what could be divided into 3 stages. It should be a system but not simple a weapon
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    Featured Pakistan Navy Type 054AP Frigates - Update, News & Discussion

    120km?Even your 40km CAMM-ER do not get finalized but you now boasted it to 120km? HQ-16 is the last generation missile, so we do not need to discuss it here but the design concept is much better than CAMM-ER. New generation exported is LY-70 and FM-3000N, which are both much ahead of CAMM-ER...
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    Chinese arms industry giant "NORINCO" establishes a branch in Morocco

    Don't know what you want to prove. There is so much wrong knowledge about China in the Engligsh world
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    Featured Pakistan Navy Type 054AP Frigates - Update, News & Discussion

    The reality is HQ-16 is an integrated design, with larger flying envelope than the booster based technical route such as CAMM-ER. Only second tier country such as British and France love this kind of technical route because it is cheap and easier to develop, while China and US never use it in...
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    Chinese arms industry giant "NORINCO" establishes a branch in Morocco

    But NORINCO does not produce weapons. It just sells weapons
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    Chinese Weapon Exports

    Just found that the first customer of CR500 UAV is Kuwait
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    TF-X Turkish Fighter & Trainer Aircraft Projects

    Ukraine does not even finish developing AI-322F. I heard about the story that they would develop this engine(called AI-222-25F at that time) when I was a boy By the way, Ivchenko Progress did not have any tracking record of developing any after-burn engine and any low by-pass engine in...
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    China to use BioNTech vaccine as booster shot, sources say

    Another CIA propaganda. The truth is the Fosun-BioNtech mRNA vaccine will be used as one type of booster vaccine among tens of different vaccine in China if it is gotten approved by NMPA I think most people will not choose mRNA vaccine due to its side-effect I personally will choose protein...
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    Footage shows Wuhan - Earliest days of Covid Pandemic

    You must have read your Trump Papa‘s mad words too much so have the delusion lol
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    Clinical human trials begin for COVID-19 vaccine in China

    This vaccine will done the clinical trail in Europe. Maybe the only one we will sold in Europe
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    China Sinopharm's COVID-19 vaccines hits a combined 100 million doses of supply around the world

    Sinovac said its capacity in Feb has reached 0.6 Billion, and will reach 2 Billion before July
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    US breaks record for most COVID-19 vaccines administered in a day

    US always lives in its delusion. We got 6.1M injection yesterday. Maybe two fold of US several weeks later?

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