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  1. Saudang

    China Is a Declining Power—and That’s the Problem

    Why do great powers fight great wars? The conventional answer is a story of rising challengers and declining hegemons. An ascendant power, which chafes at the rules of the existing order, gains ground on an established power—the country that made those rules. Tensions multiply; tests of strength...
  2. Saudang

    What to Know About China Evergrande, the Troubled Property Giant

    The firm’s debts are huge, but Beijing will need to walk a fine line if it wants to send a message about reckless borrowing while protecting its economy. Every once in a while, a company grows so big and messy that governments fear what would happen to the broader economy if it were to fail...
  3. Saudang

    Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat's Chopper Crashes, 14 On Board

    All IndiaChief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat's Chopper Crashes, 14 On Board Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat's Chopper Crashes, 14 On Board Army chopper crash: Five people are dead and two are in hospital with severe burn injuries. More details are not known so far...
  4. Saudang

    A curious question - can the senior members answer ?

    I always wonder whether there were Indian members, who were designated as elite/senior/expert members ever in PDF? It would have been a wild thing, but were there any Indian Mod in the past ??
  5. Saudang

    Taliban will support Pakistan in liberation of Kashmir

    Pakistan TV anchors discussing how Taliban will support Pakistan in liberation of Kashmir. It also discussed how Imran Khan propelled Pakistan to the pole position in every aspects globally
  6. Saudang

    Ditching Dollars, Prioritizing China & India, De-Westernizing: Inside Russia’s New Security Strategy

    The National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation is a strategic document outlining the means by which citizens, society and the state are to be protected against external and internal threats in every sphere of national life. The first such document was created in 1997, and it has been...
  7. Saudang

    Russia unveils new security strategy that aims to balance ties with India, China

    The Russian National Security Strategy, released by Putin Saturday, also calls for reducing the usage of US dollars in international transactions. SAMYAK PANDEY 4 July, 2021 New Delhi: Russia has unveiled a new national security policy that looks to balance its ties with both India and...

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